Who Chris Cornell’s Family Called Minutes After His Death Revealed


In a new LawDragon interview Chris Cornell’s lawyer and friend Kirk Pasich revealed how the family reached out to him minutes after the late singer’s death, and how he helped them deal with the tragic loss.

“I met Chris originally through insurance, but we shared a common love of music and as our friendship developed over the years, we spent so much more time talking about music and the early days of rock, and what he liked and what I liked.

When Vicky, his wife, contacted me, I think it was within a few minutes after his death, we stepped in not really as lawyers. We did legal work, but Jeff and I as friends of the family were just people who were helping others in their time of need. I had to be more at the forefront than, frankly, I’m comfortable being, but this was really about Chris and his legacy, and his kids.

In the social media world, it’s really hard to protect kids and others from rumors and speculation, and just some of the nastiness that’s out there on the Internet. We tried to tell the story as it was, and to make sure to convey that for the family and for people that knew Chris and for the members of the band that committing suicide was just not Chris Cornell.”