10 Singers Who Could Honor Chris Cornell Singing With Soundgarden


It’s been six months since we lost Chris Cornell, and it still hurts a lot. We lost Chester Bennington shortly after as well, and Tom Petty about a month and a half ago. It hasn’t been a good year for rock and roll. But, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is approaching. And with that, I would like to express how personally pissed off I am that Soundgarden was not nominated, but LL Cool J was. Chris was one of the greatest musicians of all time, and Radiohead got the Rolling Stone cover in June AND the RRHOF nomination over Soundgarden.

And with that, we can only hope that Soundgarden will be nominated and inducted in 2019. The obvious bittersweet thing about it will be his absence. He will not be there to perform, but if Soundgarden’s surviving members choose to perform with guest singers like Nirvana in 2014, someone else will have to step in (or if it’s solely a special guest performing with the surviving Soundgarden members only giving an acceptance speech). Chris Cornell left some pretty damn big shoes to fill, so it would not be easy choosing the right voice to sing his songs in his honor. This article is a list of people who, for several different reasons, could potentially fill in for his performance when they are inducted. It is not in any way saying that these singers sound like him, because let’s be real – no one does, and no one ever will. He was the best. These are people who, because of their style, their voice, or their passion, would make a good fit. Someone who would make Chris really proud.

Jeff Gutt

Jeff Gutt was recently named the new singer for Stone Temple Pilots. His voice is very true to Stone Temple Pilots’ original sound, and he is a great fit. He has an incredible voice, and having covered several Alice In Chains songs amazingly, he would do well singing a Soundgarden song or two.

David Draiman

Disturbed frontman David Draiman has an extremely unique voice, full of power and grit. Disturbed’s cover of “Sound of Silence” demonstrated his versatility as a singer, which is necessary to cover anything of Chris Cornell’s.

Brent Smith

Shinedown’s Brent Smith range and rasp would be a good fit to sing Soundgarden songs. Shinedown dedicated their performance of “Simple Man” at Shaun Morgan’s Rise Above Fest to Chris in honor of suicide awareness.

William DuVall

Alice In Chains’ current singer William DuVall was chosen to fill in the shoes for Layne Staley and take over as their frontman. Layne was regarded as one of the top vocalists of his time, along with Chris. If DuVall can sing Alice In Chains, he can definitely tackle Soundgarden songs.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless is a huge fan of Soundgarden. She idolized Chris and it reflects in her music and overall demeanor onstage. The Pretty Reckless actually opened for Soundgarden on what would be their last tour before Chris’ untimely passing, giving Momsen the chance to live out one of her biggest dreams. When Alternative Nation interviewed her in April 2017, she was ecstatic that her band was going to have that chance. Their live performance of “Like a Stone” at their shows following his death were heart-wrenching as Momsen could barely keep it together while singing the song. She would put her entire heart and soul into filling in the shoes for Chris for a performance if Soundgarden were to be inducted.

Shaun Morgan

Shaun Morgan of Seether looks and sounds tough, but is actually a very sweet and emotional guy. He is extremely humble about his vocal talent, but is passionate about rock and roll and sending a message. He hosted his fifth Rise Above Fest this year in support of suicide awareness, donating all proceeds to the cause. During Seether’s performance at several Monster Energy festivals following Chris’s death, he stopped the crowd and asked them to have a moment of silence for him. For a voice that delivers raw strength, Shaun Morgan is it.

Corey Taylor

Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor is one of the more prominent voices in modern rock and roll. His voice can go from tender and soft to rigid and rough, which is perfect for Soundgarden songs. Stone Sour performed “Outshined” at a Rock on the Range kickoff party the night following Chris’ passing, and then he played “Hunger Strike” during a tribute to Chris at the festival the next day.

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters was friends with Chris Cornell. They both blossomed into extremely successful and talented musicians coming out of the early 90’s Seattle scene. Grohl has a powerful voice of his own, and would be able to incorporate a lot of emotion into a performance since the loss was very personal to him.

Lzzy Hale

Let’s be real, Lzzy Hale has one of the best rock and roll voices – ever. Her range and power together are inimitable as she’s covered vocalists like Robert Plant, Whitney Houston, Axl Rose, and David Coverdale. She’s also covered Chris Cornell several times, having done “Hunger Strike” and “Fell on Black Days” on recording and “Black Hole Sun” at a tribute event in Nashville after his passing. She performed “Fell on Black Days” at the Loudwire Music Awards to honor him, and stated in an Instagram post the day of his death about the profound influence he had on her to approach the microphone. She is compassionate and humble, which are the types of traits Chris shared as well, so he would be very proud to have her sing his songs for him.

Eddie Vedder

There would not be a better person to sing Chris’ songs in his honor at the induction ceremony. Chris was one of his oldest friends, actually helping Vedder get established in the music scene. They performed together countless times onstage, and were always publicly affectionate about their friendship. Vedder has not spoken out much about Chris’s passing since, because it has obviously had such a profound effect on him. He would deliver an utmost emotional performance singing Soundgarden songs, especially since he is one of the last remaining frontmen of the big 90’s bands. Can you imagine him doing “Hunger Strike”?

Rock in peace, Chris. We miss you.

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Lauryn is a contributing writer for Alternative Nation, primarily doing show/album reviews, editorials, video reporting, and interviews with bands like The Pretty Reckless, Seether, and Greta Van Fleet. First and foremost a huge Guns N’ Roses fan, she’s big on classic rock and grunge, with taste spanning from The Doors to Alice in Chains. You can either see Lauryn at a rock festival, or driving across the country to get to one. Lauryn loves getting feedback and tips. You can reach her at laurynschaffner @yahoo.com , as long as it's related to rock.
  • suz

    just because you’re a girl, you’re in a band and you sing a soundgarden song, doesn’t mean you could pop right into soundgarden.

    soundgarden doesn’t have boobies.

    what they are is beyond anyone suggested here.

    they’re a mood. get that?

    • Aaron Preston

      Why isn’t Ian Thornley listed here? Why isn’t Big Wreck ever mentioned on this sight. He is the closest thing to Chris we will ever get …and he can shred a guitar.

      • suz

        that’s a good thought — i’d like to see him over peter as well.

        you have to be careful not to try to look or sound too much like chris as it might cheapen it.

        • Arthur Hummler

          For the author of this article to not mention Ian Thornley is comical. Just shows her lack of music knowledge

      • Daniel Duguay

        I also asked myself the same question…

    • 40sRunner Girl

      no. I was there, but no, I don’t at all get that the band “Soundgarden” is “a mood.” I doubt the band would “get that.” But hey, rock on with your crazy, opinionated self!

      • suz

        what’s this ‘i was there’ ?? as if i’m referring to one night.

        • 40sRunner Girl

          Soundgarden is not “a mood.” Wtf are you smoking?

  • Mario Eisold

    Peter Cornell should do it.

    • Olga Stewart

      I agree with that because he would know him better than his own brother.

    • Kay B

      I was just thinking this.

    • Person Dude

      THIS. Peter’s voice sounds eerily similar to Chris’s as well, so it’d be a match made in heaven.

    • Eleanor

      YES!!!! Makes the most sense!!

  • Kristi Randall

    Fuck this stupid article and all the stupid suggestions. RIP Chris Cornell.

  • Hutttrash

    Robert Plant

    • BubbaClinton

      Love plant…but I laughed at your SUGGESTION.

      • jeremy oliveria

        Chris was heavily influenced by Robert Plant

  • Terry Hartness

    Lol, fO

  • David Moreno García

    I feel nobody can replace Chris, but if they did some kind of tribute sometime, I´d love they choose Richie Kotzen.

  • downloadaddict

    There’s a guy on YouTube who sounds pretty close to Cornell…look him up.
    But, of course, he’s not famous, so he’d be ignored I’m sure.
    Shaun Morgan can’t hit the notes I’m sure.
    David Draiman just wouldn’t sound good at all with their music.
    Neither would Taylor Momsen.
    Lzzy Hale would sound good, but I just couldn’t picture her singing Soundgarden stuff, to be honest.
    Eddie Vedder would only be a good choice due to Temple Of The Dog, and it’s nostalgic feel….but he’d mumble too many of the lyrics.
    Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor and William Duvall may be decent choices….maybe the best of your list.

    • Olga Stewart

      Uh, who is the guy on Youtube?

    • Trovoid
      • 40sRunner Girl

        Second vid was pretty good. First one… for me, meh.

        • Trovoid

          First guy I’ve seen around YouTube a lot and I will agree that his tone isn’t completely there. The second guy has lungs of steel though. There are a few other who can sing the songs and hit the notes but not many can get Cornell’s tone. He was the master and can not be mimicked.

          • 40sRunner Girl

            Okay, but are we talking about Chris before or after the Superunknown tour seriously damaged his voice? Chris is on the same level as Halford and many other rock singers.

          • Trovoid

            I meant Chris in his prime. From 1988-1994 he was on a level of his own. I feel others can hit the notes but nobody can get their chest voice up there the way he did.

          • 40sRunner Girl

            Yep, agree 100%. I’ll check out your links to videos. Interesting stuff.

          • Trovoid

            If you haven’t, I recommend watching some of the vocals only videos of Chris. I’ve heard Rusty Cage, JCP, Wooden Jesus, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Limo Wreck, The Day ITTL, Like Suicide, Birth Ritual, Black Rain etc.. His vocal tracks stripped from the instruments are insane.

          • 40sRunner Girl

            I will… thanks!

        • Trovoid
          • Olga Stewart

            Just listening to Chris sing “Beyond The Wheel” gives me chills.

    • 40sRunner Girl

      I think anyone could picture Lzzy Hale doing anything she wants to do. Lol. She could definitely front Soundgarden.

  • Jack square

    Kenny Hickey from Type-O Negative should get some consideration, listen to his band Seventh Void.

  • John

    It wouldn’t be surprising if EV was the singer for an induction

  • Corndog

    Your uncle Eddie has enough trouble trying to sing Pearl Jam songs these days. Not a chance he could match Cornell’s range.

    • Kay B

      True dat.

  • BubbaClinton

    Nobody sings like him anymore……. a worthless effort.

  • Anna Archagelidis

    There is only one that could do Chris justice….not just ‘fill-in’ the task….anyone heard of Ian Thornley? You should….superb voice and guitarist for Big Wreck.

    • Daniel Duguay

      I totally agree.

  • Roland Beaulieu

    How can Ian Thornley NOT be on this list?

    • Daniel Duguay

      I also was asking myself the same question…He can hit the same notes that Chris could.

  • Daniel Duguay

    Ian Thornley from Big Wreck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roGBK05HYS0

    • Anna Archagelidis

      Yes, Ian is such an underrated, superb vocalist, songwriter, musician.

      • Daniel Duguay

        Extremely underrated! I’m going to see Big Wreck in concert in January 🙂

  • Andrew Kran

    The only guy who could do any justice, would be Ian Thornley, the lead singer & lead guitar player from Big Wreck, a band I’m sure few people outside of Canada would know of. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDmQqK8vDy0 Absolutely killer live performer as well.

    • Lucy Shewchuk

      Totally agree, I lived in Canada and fell in love with Thornley, People who don’t know him are missing out.

      • Anna Archagelidis

        I’m in Australia and know his worth in music industry.

    • Anna Archagelidis

      Ian has to be considered by the editor of of this article, Lauren!!

  • jeremy oliveria

    Mike Patton

  • Lucy Shewchuk

    Ian Thornley, Listen to Thornleys so far so good & Come again, & you will see my point.

  • killingjoke13

    Chris Cornell is inimitable, but I’d like to give a shout out to a lesser known band from Sweden called Sharp Nine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hflYyIwIX7w

  • Olga Stewart


    What about Ann Wilson from Heart?

    Chris performed with Heart when they got inducted.

    So Ann could return the favour.

  • 40sRunner Girl

    SO glad Lzzy Hale was included. Interesting article! I didn’t know The Pretty Reckless. A few things on here for me to check out.

    • Kay B

      Pretty Reckless is great and check out the band Dorothy.

      • 40sRunner Girl

        Oh this Dorothy is good! Thx! I knew a couple of us on these Chris Cornell articles were real music fans. Thanks, Kay! SoundCloud plus work is happiness.

  • Eric Purvis

    Has anyone heard of the band operator? Johnny Strong, their lead singer is pretty damn close to Cornell

  • Kay B

    Dorothy Martin. Hands down.

  • Zær Ben Abdallah

    Ritchie kotzen sounds similar to chris.

    I wish i was a little famous i would love to honour him

  • Rob Burns

    How on earth has no one mentioned Johnny Strong, the lead singer of Operator? Easily the best option. They sound nearly identical.

  • dakotablue

    Don’t hold your breath–AIC has been snubbed several times now by the Rock Hall. As far as DuVall filling in for Chris, he actually does OK singing the trademark Chains harmonies with Jerry, but on his own is way too weak. Same problem with Grohl and the current edition of EdVed. (Also it’s just as impossible to fill Layne’s shoes as it is Chris’s. I really don’t consider Duvall the AIC frontman.) I bet Glenn Danzig could do a pretty good Cornell imitation, though.

  • Mark Pietrafitta

    Cindy Lou Who? Eddie Vedder?! Ian Thornley or don’t do a tribute.

  • Mario Eisold
    • Olga Stewart

      Peter is really good. :).

      Though, I wish he and Chris would have sung the song together.

  • Plutarch X

    All other vox a fail pale replicant shadow.

  • jason reed

    I think I’m the man for the job. I’m a lifelong fan of his music and I’ve developed a few skills in my years and one happens to be that I can sound almost exactly like Chris Cornell. Here I am with my band covering Cochise with a side by side comparison with the real thing.

  • Игорь Каминский

    Richie Kotzen FFS!!!!

  • jason reed

    I think a no-name singer who happens to be a life long fan (like me) would be a decent choice. Here’s me covering Cochise