A Perfect Circle Have Huge 2017 Plans


At Maynard James Keenan’s live interview in Los Angeles last night, Billy Howerdel was the moderator. Keenan and Howerdel confirmed that A Perfect Circle will tour next year, and that they have been working on new songs. The band will also perform at the Hollywood Bowl on May 7, 2017, according to Keenan.

A Perfect Circle have been inactive for the last few years, last releasing a new track titled “By and Down” on a greatest hits collection in 2013. Billy Howerdel discussed the track in a November 2013 interview with Alternative Nation.

“I guess it seemed to make sense to go on the best of record. Like I said I didn’t pick the tracklisting, but I’m glad that was an idea that was presented to me to put it on the Three Sixty release. I feel personally it’s [one of the] top 3, top 5 A Perfect Circle songs, in my opinion. It felt like, if I was going to give somebody our body of work and if I had to give them just a few songs, that song would definitely be on it. The idea to release that as a new record, we talked about that, if it was going to be on the next batch of songs. It seemed like the right time, enough time had gone by and we had played that song enough that people were familiar with it. But who knows, it just seemed like the right time to do it.”

He also discussed the progress of a new A Perfect Circle album in the interview, “Yeah there are fully developed songs without lyrics and melody as far as I know. I’ve given Maynard a few, I don’t know how many I’ve given him over the years. But as far as the music end goes, I’ve got 75% of the foundation of [the next] A Perfect Circle record ready to go. I think that all will change once Maynard gets involved and he has more time to focus on it. All those things can change and get ripped up, or maybe stay the same. He might just sing over them the way they are, and then I’ll tighten them up from there. Time will tell, in the beginning of the band that’s the way it was. I had songs that were pretty well realized, and Maynard sang on them. Who knows, it could go back to that or we could find a different direction.”

  • iLeonD

    Outside of a brief moment in 2000 this band hasn’t been “huge” in any way, shape, or form. Maybe as a title, ” A Perfect Circle will continue is small niche in 2017 with some high profile shows”?

  • Bilbo

    He seems into anything as long as it’s not Tool…

    • Matty1977

      Maynard is not the hold up with the new Tool record. Adam Jones is a perfectionist and hasn’t given Maynard any music to write lyrics for. The way Tool write their music is Adam, Danny and Justin jam and get the foundations for songs and then they give Maynard the recordings and Maynard then writes the lyrics. Maynard is waiting on his band mates. Maynard is now writing lyrics for A Perfect Circle because Billy has given him music.

  • CraigPW1984

    I’d love to hear new A Perfect Circle especially if it’s more like Mer De Noms. Tool will never release a new album.

    • chonus

      I agree with your first statement. Regarding your second statement, don’t jinx it. Would you rather be right or would you rather have a new tool album? Get on the positive tip, they’re working on it. Patience my friend…

  • Matty1977

    That is not true at all. Adam Jones admits he is the hold up and Danny Carey has said they have half the album done. Maynard has said as soon as they get him music he will do the lyrics. Why do think Maynard has put out new Puscifer albums and is working on a new A Perfect Circle album? Maynard is waiting for the music to be finished. This info is not hard to find. Toolshed, Tool and and Fourtheye are great starting points to get this info.

    The Laterslus tours were great but my favorite were the Aenima tours. I do miss the days of Maynard being in front dressed crazy and screaming at the top of his lungs.