AC/DC Rumored To Be Recording With Axl Rose And Surprising Drummer


According to ‘The Straight‘ a Vancouver publication (via GNRCentral), a fan claims to have met members of AC/DC in the Canadian City. In the past AC/DC has typically recorded some of their albums in Vancouver. Also the article says that Chris Slade is no longer the drummer, but Phil Rudd is now involved again behind the kit. According to the article:

Just scored an interesting news tip from one of my rock ‘n’ roll sources on the street.

The guy tells me that he had a quick chat with a couple of members of AC/DC in downtown Vancouver this morning. One of the rockers that he talked to was Stevie Young, Angus Young’s nephew, who took over the rhythm-guitar spot in AC/DC from Angus’s brother Malcolm in 2014 when Mal started suffering from the health problems, including dementia, that he would succumb to last November.

I’d like to announce that the other rocker my source chatted with briefly today was Axl Rose, the Guns N’ Roses frontman who took over the lead-vocals position from Brian Johnson on AC/DC’s last tour when Johnson started suffering hearing problems.

I can’t announce that, though, because the other rocker my source talked to was none other than, get this: Phil Rudd! Yes, Phil Rudd, the longtime AC/DC drummer who was himself replaced behind the kit by Chris “Thunderstruck” Slade in 2015 for the band’s Rock or Bust World Tour. (In 2014 Rudd had been charged with various crimes, including “attempting to procure a murder”, although that charge was quickly dropped.)

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Rudd and the younger Young were spotted today in the city where AC/DC recorded its last three albums. Maybe they just travelled over from Australia for a little vacay or something.

But it’s also possible that they were laying down tracks for the next AC/DC album at the same location (Gastown’s Warehouse Studio) with the same engineer-mixer (Langley’s Mike Fraser) as the last three times.

  • Bk native

    I’m not sure how I feel about Angus still calling the band AC/DC when he’s the only original member left. Unless Phil Rudd is actually returning on drums. I’ve never been a fan of Axl..but I do see how he can fit well singing all the great old tunes. I’d rather them call it the Angus Young band..or Young Rose..or something to that effect. Doesn’t have the same ring though as AC/DC..or the same firepower but still.. it’s not AC/DC. Same way I don’t think The Who should still go by the name.. it should be Townsend/Daltrey…they wouldn’t lose fans and to me it hasn’t been The Who since Entwistle passed away!

    • HippieChic61

      I agree! Lynard Skynard is another one that shouldn’t use the name. They’re like a cover band of their once epic self!

      • Bk native

        Yeah I agree with Skynrd..they at least had a bunch of original members til about 5-8 years ago when a few passed away. This is supposed to be their official last go around so if that’s the case than I don’t mind so much if they use the name for a last tour. The last time I saw them..about 6 or 7 years ago. .they were really good in concert..but if they continue to tour with only one or two original members left than they’d be doing a disservice to the legacy if they use the name.

        • HippieChic61

          Yea, Gary Rossington is all thats left of the original line up. …I saw them last year and left in tears. I opted out this time around. I was lucky enough to have seen them 3 times in their heyday. I get it, Johnny is trying to keep his brothers band and legacy alive, but theyre a mere shell of the band they once were.

          • Bk native

            Yeah I guess they realize it’s time to call it a day . You’re really lucky you got to see the original band. I always wish I’d been born about 8-10 years earlier so I could have seen a bunch of original members to bands I love. Like Duane with the Allman bros, Pigpen with The Dead, Jimi, And a load of other great bands.

    • IrregularJohn

      “Doesn’t have the same ring though as AC/DC..or the same firepower” Besides that rose is not exactly young.

      • Bk native

        Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic with rose not exactly young..or being serious. But either way Rose isn’t talent IMHO or age. Though I do see how he can fit well singing the AC/DC catalog . Plus it’s a smart move by Angus since the pairing of the two of them would certainly fill more seats than if he had gotten a no name singer.

  • Johnny Rebel

    So much for one of my favorite bands.
    Sorry, I just don’t like Axl or GNR.

  • Mt Pleasant Madman

    I love AC/DC .and I LOVE Guns and Roses. BUT I do not like axl singing the songs Bon and Brian made famous. I wish Angus would have tried out some of the great Tribute band singers before committing to Axl who has a hard enough time singing his own GnR songs. I will continue to love and cherish all my Bon ,and Brian era Ac/Dc.But I will not support this New lineup. Remember Gary Cherone Van Halen…enough said

  • rugerron67

    Sell out Angus !
    You should be ashamed of yourself .
    Asshole Rose is just that .
    I will Never Pay Another Dollar to see them or listen to their new music .
    Selling out all your real fans !

  • Dysnomia

    AC/DC died with Malcom, he held it all together. Then when they fired the singer, that was reinforced it a million times over. I can see getting Axl to finish out the remaining concert obligations at the time, but please put it out to pasture Angus. Create a new band with Axl. All this is doing is tarnishing AC/DCs image.

    I’d even venture to say that a new supergroup with Angus and Axl would even sell better than an AC/DC record. Get someone like Tommy Lee on drums and some well known bass player and rip it up.

    • Bk native

      I agree with everything you said except that Angus fired Brian..he left the band due to either vocal problems or hearing loss. I forget which but it was one of the two.