Nirvana Bandmate Reacts To Rumors Of Chad Kroeger Reunion


Former Nirvana touring cellist Lori Goldston recently did an AMA on the Nirvana Reddit, and she was asked about the hilarious Facebook campaign to reunite the band with Chad Kroeger on lead vocals in 2019.

Minamoto-Yoritomo asked:

“Lori – firstly I would like to express my gratitude for your contribution to such awesome music. School and Lounge Act pretty much got me through my final years in highschool and In Utero through University. What do you think about the social media campaign to have Chad Kroeger lead a Nirvana reunion? I couldn’t see it working but could you?”

Lori answered:

“I don’t know anything about it, but it doesn’t sound like a great idea.”

ChloroformPunk asked:

“Hey Lori, Thanks for doing this, My question is a two or maybe 3 parter: 1. was there any particular reason that you weren’t on the European leg of the tour? 2: The European leg’s stand in’s (Melora) cello melodies deviated substantially from the ones on the albums as well as from what you were doing. Was there any particular pressure to play the songs in a certain way or were you free to improvise? I’ve heard that Krist wasn’t all that happy with Melora’s interpretations of the songs and I was wondering how much creative freedom you were given when performing them.

I think you did great work on unplugged, I would have loved to see nirvana produce an album like that in the studio and its a shame that it was all over so soon. Oh I guess I should also ask, 3. were there any future plans to tour with them? I know they were considering the lolapalooza tour in the summer, but things at that point within the band were deteriorating rapidly, so I’m not sure how earnest they were taking the proposal at that time, but were you contacted to participate or involved in any of the lolapalooza negotiations? I’m just wondering had that tour actually happened, if it would have been similar to the American leg of the In Utero tour or if perhaps they were going to drop the accoustic segment of their set for that tour or if anything at all was even fleshed out or though about. I know it was a very chaotic time for the band and the chances of it happening even if Kurt had lived were slim, but I was just wondering if they had any future plans involving you?”

Lori answered:

“There were and are no future plans.”