Watch Anthony Kiedis Screw Up Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication” Performance


Fans on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Reddit page have pointed out that Anthony Kiedis forgot the lyrics to “Californication” during the band’s performance on Friday at Lollapalooza Argentina. A fan also pointed out that Kiedis was otherwise solid during the performance.

MauriCEOMcCree posted, “What the F did Anthony sing at friday’s performance of Californication?”

heyyoowhatsupbitches posted, “You’d think if he remembers the first two words, the rest would come automatically. That’s how that works for me at least.”

DamnHellAssKings posted, “Man, anyone who thinks AK doesn’t need a teleprompter and is fine reading lyrics from loose sheets of paper on the floor should be referred to this video.”

drfankenstein1 posted, “I was at the show and this was the only mistake he made. The guy’s getting old too but he had a great performance.”

JunipBerry posted, “Does he fuck up or is this AK’s way of mixing it up, scatting random nonsense?”

Roswalpg posted, “So does every other member, right. I don’t know, for me remembering lyrics is also the hardest.”

the_natt, “But it’s Californication after all. They’ve played it over 1000 times. You just can’t forget the lyrics of Californication!”

nbluewhale108 posted, “‘Tidal waves couldn’t save my love, it’s Californication’

That’s all I could make out.”

Watch the video of the “Californication” performance below.