Howard Stern Reveals Bizarre Photo Of Kurt Cobain’s Daughter In Studio

517 have recapped Howard Stern discussing a bizarre photo of Frances Bean Cobain that Baba Booey has in their studio.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he saw the story that Kurt Cobain’s daughter is going to leave her father’s guitar to her husband in her divorce. Howard said he didn’t see that. Robin said she was just reading that. Howard said Frances Bean inherited her dad’s stuff and she must have gotten that guitar. He said maybe that’s her connection to her dad. The caller said the guy claims he got it as a gift. Howard said when you’re a man you just give it to her. He said you don’t take her dad’s guitar. The caller said it’s her dad’s legacy. Robin said he took the guitar and said no to cash. Howard said you give her the guitar.

Howard said Gary has a photo of Frances on his desk that he’s had for years. Gary said they sent for a car for Courtney Love once. He said Courtney sent the picture up there so Howard would think of her every day when he’s talking about her. Gary said he opened up one picture and there was another one of Frances sitting on Santa’s lap and that’s what he keeps up there.

Howard said he doesn’t know about that kid. He said that she’s been through a lot. He said he’s still not sure why Gary has that picture on his desk. He said it seems weird. Gary said he just keeps it in his office. He said he thinks it’s odd that they even own it. Howard said he doesn’t know Frances Bean and it would be impolite to keep her on his desk. He said he’s not sure why it’s on his desk. Gary said he can’t explain it. He said he thought it was interesting to him. Gary said he likes having that story to tell when people ask about it. Howard said he’s so odd. He said Gary has just moved up above Fred. He said he should get tickets. Fred played a song parody about Gary after that.

Howard did his Gary impression and talked about Frances Bean and his connection to Courteney Love. Howard told the story that Gary had told about how he got the photo. Howard said she’s a 10 year old in that photo. He asked why he would keep that on his desk. Fred played another song parody about Gary to the tune of a Nirvana song. He had another one after that.