Axl Rose Makes Shocking Demand To Police In Order To Perform Guns N’ Roses Concert


UPDATE: Promoter Paul Dainty said Rose was spent an hour on the roads of Melbourne while trying to get to the gig. “He sat in a black van stuck in traffic like everyone else,” Dainty told the Herald Sun. “We had 74,000 people at the MCG that night. The roads were horrendous.”

The Herald Sun is reporting that Axl Rose demanded a police escort to Guns N’ Roses’ show in Melbourne on Tuesday. Rose looked outside his hotel room and saw traffic, and reportedly refused to leave without cops. Slash, Duff McKagan, and Rose’s other GNR bandmates were already at the venue. GNR started the show an hour late, and the crowd booed when it was mistakenly stated that the show was in Sydney.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Kendra Jackson confirmed a request for a police escort was received on the night, but it was turned down.

“A request was made and a risk assessment was conducted. The request was denied,” she said.

Guns N’ Roses tour manager Del James revealed on Twitter that he had Valentine’s Day dinner with Axl Rose and AC/DC guitarist Angus Young.

The dinner was following a rocky Guns N’ Roses show in Melbourne where the band appeared to forget what city they were in. Guitar tech McBob first came out to apologize for the band being late, and shouting: ‘Sydney!’ Axl also referred to Melbourne as Sydney, and the crowd weren’t too happy, with many boos being heard in the crowd.

Guns N’ Roses later apologized on Facebook, “Melbourne!‬ ‪Accidentally after 30 years McBob made an error, we’re truly sorry. Thank you for coming out tonight!‬”