Howard Stern Furious At Actor Being With Wife


Norman Reedus is currently claiming that Howard Stern refuses to have him on The Howard Stern Show. This all came out when Reedus reconnected with his former Walking Dead co-star, Jon Bernthal on John’s podcast.

On the episode, the two actors recalled how they used to get up on early mornings in Atlanta and drive together to The Walking Dead set, while listening religiously to Howard Stern. However, that fanboy love was never reciprocated by Stern – although Jon Bernthal seems to have a few ideas of why…

Via Comic Book Norman would state: “He still won’t have me on his show. I don’t know why!”

Jon Bernthal stated that he wasn’t totally with what Reedus was saying and it was clear to see that Jon was not buying it.

In fact, on the podcast, Bernthal was arguing that Reedus knows full well that he’s been black-balled because Stern doesn’t like Reedus around his wife, who is apparently a big fan of Reedus. The two actors have a friendly argument about the time they were at some kind of premiere event, and Reedus got seated next to Howard Stern and his wife, actress/model/author/activist Beth Stern.

While Bernthal makes it seem like Reedus and Ostrosky hit it off maybe a little too well, Reedus insists that they only bonded over their shared love of cats (the Sterns foster hundreds of cats in their home on Long island every year), and that was it. Nonetheless, Bernthal points out that Stern was clearly bothered by the encounter, and talked about it “for like two hours” on his show.

Should Stern not allow Reedus on the show? It depends what you believe in, but for Howard himself, it seems that he believes that Reedus got way too close to his wife and he was not happy with it and won’t allow it to happen again.