Axl Rose Rumored To Be Out Of AC/DC, Replacement Revealed


A few days ago it was reported that Stevie Young and Phil Rudd were spotted in Vancouver, and now a photo has surfaced suggesting that Brian Johnson is back as AC/DC’s lead singer, taking back the throne from Axl Rose.

According to Steve Newton of, Vancouver resident — and hardcore AC/DC fan — Crystal Lambert has an apartment located near Warehouse Studios, where the band’s last three albums were recorded, and she and longtime friend Glenn Slavens have been keeping an eye on the studio’s outside deck, where various bandmembers seemingly retreat to get some air and get a drink.

As you can see from the photo below, taken by Glenn two days ago, Rudd appears to be sharing a laugh with none other than singer Brian Johnson.

The assumption is that AC/DC is in the midst of making — or at least planning — another album, with Rudd and Johnson both back in the lineup.

Rudd was fired a few years ago after legal issues surrounding an alleged murder plot. Johnson left AC/DC in early 2016 after he was reported to be losing his hearing. Chris Slade returned to replace Rudd, while Rose replaced Johnson. Bassist Cliff Williams retired at the end of the 2016 tour, though it’s unclear if a possible Johnson return could make him reconsider his decision.

  • person

    AC/DC is no more after Malcom’s death last year….
    whatever the remaining members do is great but it’s not AC/DC….at least not to me

  • Stifler’s Mom

    I would absolutely love one more proper AC/DC album, as Rock or Bust was definitely one of their lesser efforts, and Brian Johnson deserves a better swan song. But I truly hope he takes care of himself first- it would be tragic if the music cost him his hearing- no matter how rock and roll that might seem…

  • lima85

    Nothing but assumption. Since Johnson lives in Florida, his presence in Vancouver could be nothing more than a visit w the lads. Since assumption is the call of the day, I’ll add some speculation to the mix. What IF Johnson is there to only record vocals for whatever record is in the works? IF that is the case, perhaps it’ll still be Axl on the road when it comes time for a tour. Only Angus knows!

  • Cynthia Levin

    As usual, more clickbait bullshit. There is no proof any of this is happening.