Billy Corgan Reveals Why He ‘Isn’t Totally Happy’ With New Album


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan wrote on Instagram:

“If you haven’t had the occasion, please look up my last solo album ‘Ogilala’ on streaming. In April, I’ll return to Nashville to continue work on the follow-up (as yet untitled).

When I was last home in Chicago, I listened to the work done so far and wasn’t totally happy with it so in going back to Nashville I’ll either keep what I like and take another stab at what needs improvement, or I’ll scrap it all and start over.

Sometimes finding the center of a body of work takes time. Luckily, with the new SP music, that hasn’t been the case. #wpc #ogilala #smashingpumpkins @smashingpumpkins.”

He also gave an update on the eight new Smashing Pumpkins songs currently being recorded.

“I shouldn’t be tired but I am. Good news is all the lead vocals are now sung, so we will audition those tomorrow and see if anything needs to be redone. The end is near and nigh… @smashingpumpkins #shinyohsobright #smashingpumpkins.”

Fans in The Smashing Pumpkins Facebook group have noted that ticket sales for certain shows have really been picking up.

One fan wrote, “Interesting, I was on the Houston Toyota Arena website and noticed that LORDE still has Floor seats available for her concert and that’s this month. Yet Pumpkins have sold out all Floor seats already. I’m not dissing LORDE, I love her music but using this to show how media can twist stuff and bash who they want?”

Another fan posted a couple of days ago, “Yeah, about those ticket sales in the ‘weak’ markets. Salt Lake City on Sunday vs today. The tickets are selling without any problems, and the articles stating otherwise are clearly all click-bait.”

Other fans commented:

“Almost all gone! Every show will be a sellout. No doubt in my mind.”

“Alt-rock tabloids will surely revise and correct their articles soon. I’ll wait…”

“Some of the venues don’t have an interactive map, however I looked at the ‘weakest’ markets that Consequence of Sound referred to, and they look similar to Salt Lake City, except for Souix Falls…I’ll check NYC and Toronto.”

“There’s a new process that ticket venues are using. From what I understand, it prevents tickets all being sold at once. That way people have a real chance at getting one. It helps fend of scalpers as well. Scalped tickets Will still exist, but not in the 1000’s like before.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    If the album sucks ole Bitter’s gonna hear about it, big time.

    As for the tour, we wait on Groupon sales to come.

    • Alexandra_8

      Now why would you bother showing up at a SP show? Just so you could complain about it?

      • Cody Devere

        We wouldn’t bother, that’s why tickets arent selling. People are sick of being lied to.

        • Alexandra_8

          I look forward to not seeing you at any shows. Thanks for staying away.

        • Chris

          I cant wait to goto the show. Enjoy being bitter for nothing.

      • Stone Gossardish

        No. I want to hear Rocket, Silver F, and other great tunes. I know the voice is stamped “Studio Only” but it’s 2018 and there’s enough production out there to make Bill sound good.

        Sometimes it’s fun to be blown away by a tune like 33 or a guitar part that mad musical genius came up with. Don’t you think? I’ve got to find a small arena to pop into to see what they’ve come up with.

        • KissesandNoise

          His voice has actually improved over the years. The improvement between MCIS and Adore is marked. He just has a polarizing voice like a Geddy Lee or something. I saw him in a small theater for his solo tour and the people with me weren’t exactly fans and they all said the same thing, “I had no idea how good his voice is.” His voice is more emotive than traditional so he tends to scream and howl.

          • Stone Gossardish

            What Virgin did to him with the live album they put out did not help. It was awful. Recordings used were vindictive and brutally bad on the voice.

            I look forward to the shows. I think they should be playing 5-10k venues, but I’m open to see what they’ve got. It would be better if it were a true reunion but this is the best we’ve had to see in a very long time.

          • KissesandNoise

            Wait – what live album did Virgin put out? Earphoria or something on the reissues?

          • Stone Gossardish

            The put out a SP Live Album around 2002 which was so awful it barely sold and they’d didn’t issue more CDs, that’s how long ago it was. But the quality of the recordings was awful and the voice was horrid sounding.

            It always seemed a bit more intentional to stick it to Bill than anything else. Otherwise, why put that record out.

          • KissesandNoise

            I have never seen an official live album from them after 2000 that wasn’t part of the reissues. Wikipedia says Virgin put out Live from Chicago, 1995 in ’95

          • Stone Gossardish

            Maybe they didn’t even release it alone. It came out around the same time as the videos DVD and the greatest hits disc, the one that looked like a CD-R and had a new song on it. It may have been part of that.

            I was around Virgin a bit back then doing some promo work and they sent around all that stuff at once. The live album was so bad it college radio stations were passing on it to play on air.

            I have to dig on that one, though someone out there probably remembers it. I didn’t keep a copy, it was so bad. I kept the greatest hits and CD-R looking CD that came with it. I gave away the DVD with all the videos. I’m on the case now to dig this up.

          • KissesandNoise

            Yeah, I thought they should play those venues too and do multiple nights in bigger markets, but what do I know. This coupled with new music could bring them back to a bigger audience.

          • Stone Gossardish

            It is hard to get 50 year olds to make a big night out and the prospect of many new fans under 25 is an extreme long shot. Not bc SP is bad but because what was popular even in the rock world is so far from what they’re going to play.

            Bill went into that pretty well a few years ago when on a periscope of his he explained how thin the guitars were on rock radio today. It hasn’t changed.

          • Alexandra_8

            While he doesn’t have charm and stage presence of a Grohl, Billy’s music is very powerful. It won’t grab the hipsters but there is definitely a void in todays music that the music of SP can easily fill.

          • Stone Gossardish

            I agree. I just don’t know how big that crowd will be. The core of their fanbase is 35 to 55. That crowd doesn’t buy too many concert tickets to begin with, esp during the week, so it will be interesting to see how they draw.

            A smaller tour with more nights in bigger cities and diff sized venues would seem to have made more sense but at some point you have to take what you can get. I hope it’s a successful tour.

          • KissesandNoise

            I’ve seen them a bunch and I feel he does have a strong stage presence and weird charm. He jokes a lot and he is such a sports fan that he can make hyper local quips anywhere in the world. Definitely not the same as Dave, but a pretty good Gen X frontman. It’s more of a lead guitarist presence than an energetic frontman. Totally agree on the void SP can fill.

          • KissesandNoise

            I’m hoping they can change that m/

    • KissesandNoise

      They’re referencing his second solo album, not the SP stuff. The SP stuff is currently going to be 2 4-song EPs

  • Cody Devere

    Fake news regarding sales for Corgan & Friends 50 year olds and up tour. Oh did the venues find some way to inflate figures overnight to keep Corgan from taking his toys and going home to his child wife, oh did a rando fb group that’s deep in denial respond to multiple articles peddling truth and facts? Lorde is one of the biggest names in music. Corgan is locked out of the Rock HOF, awards shows, has about 5000 solid fans worldwide and continues to piss on the legacy of four people in the 90s called the Smashing Pumpkins.

    • Annie

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    • KissesandNoise

      First of all, kudos for getting a young chick at 50 years old. Multiple sites peddling truth and facts? Where do you read? I’d like to see those. EVERYTHING is opinion and clickbait these days. There is no real news. Lorde. Cool! Rock on dude! Locked out of the HOF? More “facts?” He’s one of the most innovative guitarists and prolific songwriters of our time. Jimmy is one of the best drummers – ever. Despite what you think of ol’ Bill personally, they are a great band.