Harry Styles Kisses Famous Male Singer In Video


As if things could not become any more depraved than they already are. The evil Grammy’s took place but a week ago. One week later at the Brit Awards, the man, woman, thing, ghost (who doesn’t know what he is) is publicly kissing another man on stage. Disgusting. Utterly disgusting. Children sometimes watch this show, and now what will they be thinking. I know. Confused. Aside from this, let’s see what happened to cause this event.

As per People, Harry Styles and Lewis Capaldi are puckering up!

On Saturday, Styles, who is now 29, celebrated winning four BRIT Awards at the 2023 ceremony by sharing a brief off-stage kiss with the “Someone You Loved” singer.

In an Instagram video shared by BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Styles can be seen walking off stage after winning song of the year for “As It Was” and pointing at Capaldi, 26, at his table.

Capaldi then points back and the pair begin to walk towards one another before Capaldi grabs Styles’ face and plants a kiss on his lips.

Guests on the tables surrounding the duo can be heard clapping and cheering at the moment as the pair share a long embrace and continue to chat before returning to their own tables.

“I just kissed Harry Styles on the lips. I’m fully erect,” Capaldi can be jokingly heard saying as he sits down. Utterly disgusting. I have no more words to describe it.