Billy Corgan’s Reaction To D’arcy Ripping Him Revealed


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan’s friend and former solo bandmate Linda Strawberry commented on how D’arcy Wretzky’s interview with Alternative Nation was ‘hurtful’ to Corgan in a post to a Smashing Pumpkins Facebook group on Wednesday.

“Her interview came out and torched any hope. D’arcy wrote this storyline. The band will move on. It really doesn’t have much to do with them other than you can imagine how hurtful this all was to B.”

Strawberry reacted to D’arcy Wretzky leaking text messages to Alternative Nation a a few days ago, commenting on two Facebook group posts.

“Go read the texts she released – proves B was trying to make it as easy as possible for her and it still wasn’t enough. If anything boycott the chick trying to ruin everything.”

“The band tried everything to get her there…now that she’s trying to torch the whole thing I think everyone needs to get the point that she is not showing up.”

D’arcy Wretzky informed Alternative Nation that her doctors told her that her rotator cuff injury would be fully recovered in time for the tour, discounting any claims that her health would impede her ability to play.

She also discussed her health in a new interview with Alternative Nation, “I’m in better shape than any of them. My Mom was a health nut, and she taught us about eating healthy. I eat totally clean, I live and work on a farm. I had messed my shoulder up, because I pushed myself too hard. I’m maybe a hair shorter than James, and I’ve done just about every sport. We’re all very athletic in my family, I’m Russian and Danish. I was gymnist, and I still like to work out. I like to do martial arts, I like to train horses, I like to build fences, I like to build stuff. I’m a very active person, I’ve also been really strong. I was a grotesquely skinny little kid, but super strong, weirdly. But I’m way healthier than any of them.”

  • Adw

    It is so very ‘Billy Corgan’ to remind everyone how unlikeable Billy Corgan is before launching a tour. As a pumpkins fan, this makes me sad. This tour is destined to flop.

  • Corndog

    I’m sorry, and i know this is likely my issue, but i just can’t take someone seriously when their name is Strawberry.

    • Trovoid

      For real. She better at least smell or taste like strawberries.

  • ride5000

    not surprising, given the content of the original article, that billy would relay this information through a proxy. 😉

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  • DanSwon

    Fuck off Linda Strawberry. No one gives a shit about you or your sycophantic love for Billy Corgan.