Blink-182 Erase Member From Photos After Firing


It is rumoured that Tom DeLonge is going to return to Blink-182. The band even hid all their posts on their Instagram page, wiping Matt Skiba from the band’s history after his rumored firing, and its official website is stated to be under construction.

This only fuelled more speculation among fans. NME has also noticed that the band liked a number of tweets from 2012-13 which contain the phrase “10 years.”

The band seems to be also teasing something using posters in Manhattan advertising “182 Industries”. The posters say, “Your future is cumming…in the blink of an eye.” is the website on the posters, which redirects to Blink-182’s website. There is also a billboard spotted advertising the band in Peru.

Recently, Mark Hoppus posted a photo on his Instagram story which appeared to have been taken from his phone of a TV screen. The name “Tom” was on the image, which, of course, led many to believe that it is a hint towards Tom DeLonge coming back to Blink-182.

As for the band’s website, all is says is “under construction.” It appears that the band has something big in store for fans, and they want to overhaul their website. Tom DeLonge, the man himself, also added Blink-182 on his Instagram bio.

There are also reports that state that Blink-182 is going to perform at Lollapalooza Brazil in 2023, and that too with Tom DeLonge. The band’s domain registration was also updated recently, which added more hype to all the buzz that was surrounding the band’s return. The under construction website also has Sony Music Entertainment mentioned as its label. It would be interesting to see what the band has planned for the fanss.