Chester Bennington’s Ex-Wife Hysterically Cries And Sings: ‘All This Fighting, My Soul Can’t Take It’


Late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s ex-wife Samantha posted a new video on Facebook last night following a week where she trashed the singer’s widow Talinda in a long message, accusing her of being ‘evil’ and using his cell phone to call her and Chester’s teenage son Draven. Chester’s Grey Daze bandmate and business partner Sean Dowdell responded by calling Samantha a ‘lying deceitful human’ on Twitter.

Samantha said in her emotional new video, “Hey guys, I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I’m sorry I haven’t read everything, but I really want to share a story with you. This happened to me last night. So I went to take a bubble bath, I was in a very dark place. I mean all this fighting, everything our families are experiencing, my soul can’t take it. I can’t do any of this, I don’t want to do any of this anymore. I had to flip the script.

So as a life coach, or a healer, someone who believes in positivity, let’s just call it that. I just believe in love. So I got in the bubble bath last night, and I just kept saying over and over: love, love, love. But now I’m like hysterically freaking crying, like: love, love. Like hysterically, hysterically crying. I just kept saying love over and over again, and then my loves just became exhaustion. I was in the bath going: love, love, love. I was exhausted, there was nothing left in me. But I kept saying love over and over again, and then the love kept getting lighter. My words, my emotions, my feelings were shifting, and I was becoming love, love, love. It got lighter and lighter. Then I kept saying it more and more, and then I find myself saying love and laughing and giggling and laughing at myself because I’m like, fuck, you’re going through it.

Then I’m cracking up, because my spirit is lifting more and more. Then I got to the point where I was just like, love, love! Now I’m in song. I’m singing love, love, and love! Then I was like, that bath is over, I flipped the script, I pulled myself out of my darkness just by saying the word over and over again, and allowing myself to release, cry a countless amount of tears, not be in the best space, and put myself in the most miraculous space. Now I feel full of love, and I feel better.”

  • Olga Stewart

    Kay (my shortened version of ‘Okay’) but I think we got a live one here.

    Ai yai yai!

    • Karen

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  • Julie

    Jesus, this woman is completely insane. She keeps preaching love and positivity, but every action of hers is the complete opposite. How does she justify herself publicly attacking Chester’s widow, kids, bandmates and friends? How is that connected to love and positivity? Please stop this attention seeking behavior woman! And stop trying to play the victim all the time. You’re an embarrassment.

    • Olga Stewart

      The part about her both being in the rub and repeating the word ‘love’ over and over again had me rolling my eyes.

  • Alyson Cairns

    Wowww, can someone
    say “ Hi, I’m so desperate for attention and I’ll do it in ANY way possible!”…i mean REALLY??..she has been nothing but DRAMA from day 1… Chester hadn’t been with this chic for over a decade ..why does she feel it is so necessary to try to take the spotlight and keep reposting pics of her and Chester (beyond disrespectful ..luckily Talinda has handled this all with upmost class-it’s clear why Chester had to remove Samantha out of his life, she did nothing but weigh him down on all
    Levels), Anyway -(out of respect for her son I’ll leave it at that) but for the record -trust me NO ONE CARES TO HEAR HER RAMBLE about love or positivity (which she clearly contradicts in every way possible)..#makechesterproud

    • Julie

      Oh yeah, don’t get me started on her posting pictures of herself and Chester. How utterly disrespectful towards Talinda and the kids. I remember a few years ago a woman, who apparently knew Samantha, saying on Twitter that Samantha was completely obsessed with Chester and that her friends were actually worried about her. Talinda liked those tweets at the time and the woman and Samantha got into a fight about it. After all of this drama she has created after Chester’s passing, I wouldn’t be surprised if that woman was right. There is something so off about Samantha.

  • Kay B

    Self centered C U Next Tuesday. He really upgraded with Talinda. That is one ugly she-beast.

  • Kathye Gonzalez-Pike

    Samantha is a wack job and how the heck is
    she a life coach? I believe she is as fake as they come just like her horrible plastic survgerys. I dont know what chester ever saw in her, shes all around a pathetic fenale not even a woman who cares about herself and money and i doubt is owed any back pay she should of used and saved child support on child only and his future instead of on herself. She has no class at all and is a wack job. Child protective services need to step in shes clearly not at all there