There Is A Creed Layne Staley Tribute Song In AI


In commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of Layne Staley’s passing, a fictional AI-generated Creed song has emerged, paying homage to the late Alice In Chains singer. Crafted entirely through the innovative capabilities of Suno AI, the song serves as a heartfelt tribute to Staley’s enduring legacy.

Utilizing cutting-edge voice cloning technology, the vocal rendition within the song is an AI creation, capturing the essence of Staley’s iconic voice with remarkable precision. It’s important to note that the vocals are not performed by Scott Stapp, but rather synthesized by the AI.

On top of that, to visually honor Layne Staley’s memory, an AI-generated photo of him was crafted by Midjourney, further capturing the spirit of the tribute and preserving Staley’s image for future generations to appreciate.

In Scott Stapp’s latest acoustic duet, “If These Walls Could Talk,” there’s a poignant line where the Creed frontman reflects on the challenges of life, singing about the necessity to live, to learn, and sometimes, to “burn it all down.”

In the track, featuring rocker Dorothy Martin, Stapp candidly expresses, “I had to get lost to get found,” a sentiment that resonates deeply with his personal journey. Having overcome substance abuse issues and now living a sober life, Stapp’s lyrics reflect the raw honesty of his experiences.

Speaking with PEOPLE during a recent Zoom call from his home outside of Nashville, Stapp opened up about the tumultuous four years he has endured. Despite the difficulties, he remains resilient, taking each day as it comes and tackling challenges one step at a time.