Mario Vayne Is All Charged Up On “Electric”


After the success of his 2023 single, “Baby,” Mario Vayne is back, releasing his charged up new song “Electric.”

With clear influences by Cheap Trick, Sweet, Guns N’ Roses, and maybe a bit of Bon Jovi thrown in for good measure, “Electric” is an electrifying fusion of modern rock with the nostalgic essence of the ‘70s and ‘80s. The Queensland, Australia native does an excellent job at melding old and new, taking the soul of the music he grew up with and using it to shape his unique pop-rock sound.

The song opens with a melodic guitar riff that calls to mind the main anthem from the movie “Top Gun” in the best of ways. “Open your heart and you will see, this world is alive,” Vayne sings before the drums and heavier main riff kick in, increasing the song’s overall energy and tempo. Vayne continues, singing “We are stronger when we all can live as one” before busting into the main chorus of the song, switching it to a more hard-hitting vocal style with a unique warbling effect that accents the overall vibe of the track.

One thing that stands out is how seamlessly the song’s tone changes throughout, weaving back and forth between heartfelt and fierce, perfectly conveying to the listener what it is Vayne is trying to say.

The guitar solo in particular drives the song in a more dramatic direction, with it feeling like it almost takes on a bit of a darker mood, before it is brought up to meet back with the track’s more uplifting chorus.

“Electric” sounds both familiar and fresh, calling upon riffs that are evocative of a time when music was driven by guitars and powerful drum beats, but with lyrics that are a bit more inspiring and that have a more hopeful outlook than songs from decades’ past.

“I’ve always been a true believer in that you have to follow your heart no matter what,” Vayne explained in a previous interview. And if it is one thing this song definitely has, it is heart. You can check out Vayne on Facebook and Instagram.