Chris Cornell’s Brother On Why He’ll ‘Never Wrap Head’ Around Death: ‘I Won’t Let Him Go’


Peter Cornell posted the following tribute to his brother Chris Cornell on Facebook a couple of days ago:


It’s been difficult to put words together. My heart is broken. Chris was always just my brother. We just “were”. No pretense. No dog and pony show. We didn’t have to get deep all the time. Sometimes we only needed to just be in the same room and just be present. That was enough.

It wasn’t until this week, it really hit me how he belonged to the world. That he is an icon and a legend. That being said, I am so sorry to YOU for your loss. Artists, actors, musicians. We rely on these people to lift us up. To inspire us and distract us in times of trouble. Chris protected us when we needed him to. His one of a kind-ness surrounded us like a suit of armor. He was a warrior and a wizard. A howling wolf and a trusted mentor.

My brother gave freely of his gifts and it was never a struggle. He kept himself from the saturation of celebrity in such a humble way. The power and anger and passion of my brother’s music was always genuine, original and legitimate. He was the powerful, sensitive, fragile, angry, mystical creature that will exist forever in his body of work. And he did it for ALL of us. Giving it away. Leaving all on the stage or in the recordings that will keep him immortal.

I will never wrap my head around his passing. I’ve been in shock since I heard the news. I can’t and won’t let him go.

Please know, with all the humility I can muster from the depths of a pulverized heart, I THANK EACH OF YOU for your kindness and condolences. THANK YOU for finding me through YOUR tears.

Hold your brothers close.
Much Love!


The first time and the last time we were together.

  • PF

    That’s such a great tribute. Lovely photo as well.

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  • dakotablue

    Think how much we the fans are hurting and then multiply it by 100 or 1,000 for his family and friends. Wow. Prayers for consolation and comfort to them. RIP CC.

  • cassie ashley

    Wow, thank you to Peter for the generous words and sweet pics. Can’t thank Chris Cornell enough. His music has been there for me since I was 14, and it was an instant connection for me. It hurts to listen now, but I will keep listening and I know the pain will get better. I agree with others about how hard it has to be for his family; may they find comfort.

  • Billy

    No matter what the toxology report says, it’s never going to make sense. In the next life i am going to find Chris, give him a slap upside the head, give him a big hug and then try to fill in those blanks

  • Nicola

    I read that Chris was the youngest of 6 siblings. I have only seen Peter mentioned. He is also a musician. There is a video on YouTube of them preforming together. What about the other siblings? Did any of them get Chris’s musical genetic gift?

    • Trovoid

      The sisters sing apparently, played in some bands in the 80s or 90s

  • beautiful tribute. It’s great to see his actual blood-family come out and make a statement. Sounds like they were very close, and this has hurt many beyond the belief imaginable. I agree, toxicology will come soon, and whatever it is it is, and we will all have our own theories of what happened, right or wrong. I’ve stated before, this wasn’t intentional, wasn’t suicide and the family should seek the truth, as my opinion, matter or not, this was a cover-up to look as though he took his life, when someone else did. I don’t believe he come to Detroit to “kill himself” or be with Detroiter’s his last moments or to be in Detroit Rock City to die to make a statement to the world and I don’t believe this is a fluke either.

    • Corndog

      You said ‘this wasn’t intentional, wasn’t suicide’, so what exactly are you suggesting did happen then?

      • Truth

        Look at the wife and bodyguard. The last two people to talk to him or see him alive. Constant story changing. Neither one has it right.

        • Corndog

          So what are you suggesting?

          • cheryl wofford

            He was murdered I think he is sayin and he could have been.

          • Truth

            FYI; Vicky is about seven to eight months pregnant. They were married in April in Paris for the second time., They married a couple of months earlier in LA, MTV got the date wrong when they said six months before. His divorce was final two weeks before his wedding in LA. The record of their divorce with the actual date, is a public record, if you want to check the dates. It was filed in the state of Washington. They got engaged and she got pregnant before he was divorced. Some people may find this “ugly”, especially since he has a child with his former wife. Also, Vicky is in her early twenties, she is not old enough to be that accomplished business wise, she works or worked for her brother’s publishing company, the money she supposedly has is her family’s money and she has a reputation for liking celebrities. She is a typical rich brat that likes designer clothes and famous guys. There are stories… Who knows what all that is about. It would seem though, that Mr. Cornell was the one who took the bait. Should have checked her background a little bit better before he tied the knot… around his neck!

            Posted by Morgan @ 06/26/2004 01:40 PM CST


          • Corndog

            so, what are you suggesting??

          • Truth

            What have you gathered reading some of the posts from others and from the police report?

            Check out Toni Karayiannis Twitter account. It will show you what type they are.


        • Art School Girl

          Learn how to spell miss phd. You read the “papers”- it’s not 1980 here!

          • Thank goodness I figured how to block this moron, she just felt the need to ride my ass over every single post and even threaten me….. glad I shut this C&*t down. Negative bitch!

        • Corndog

          Kirsten? Who? Wait, who got (sic) mudfered? I’m not sure what mudfered is but it doesn’t sound good!

          Absolutely zero point in reading the papers. His death was not reported in the papers where I live as he isn’t a celebrity here. Anyway, who the hell reads the papers anymore?

  • Belinda Loehr Herrera Hope

    I’ve never felt such hurt and pain for a non family members death. His music and presence will forever be a part of me. I can’t imagine your loss Peter as his brother. Please keep sharing your amazing voice and music with us Peter Cornell!

  • Rhonda Towells

    What a beautiful heartfelt tribute. Thankyou much love.Chris’s voice will vibrate forever and endlessly but will always leave a hole inside me. Sweet Chris’s angst.our inspiration and reflection.m

  • David Bales

    What a fantastic memorial from a loving brother. Still in shock.

  • Wendy Haanen Kauffman

    A beautiful tribute from someone who knew Chris best, his brother. I am heartbroken and still cannot process his death, and I didn’t even know him personally. I’m so sorry you lost your brother Pete. What a tremendous loss. We all love you and miss you Chris. RIP.

  • Eileen Kelepouris

    Disgusted that Peter Cornell has recently had to close down his Facebook page due to bullying. He was raising awareness re suicide on there but got maliciously attacked for it.