New Slipknot Member Reveals Identity In Sad Video


While the new Slipknot member, known as ‘Tortilla Man’s ‘secret identity’ isn’t much of one at all, the band, along with many of those in the metal community still do what they can to try and convince us otherwise. Corey Taylor revealed an unmasked photo of Tortilla Man, but censored his face.

Take for example this newly released video which was posted recently by a fan on the Slipknot Reddit. It shows drummer and co-producer of the group Death Grips, Zach Hill, cleverly costumed as Tortilla Man. While it’s admirable that so many wishes to keep us guessing and the magic alive, the newly appointed Slipknot member was recently revealed as being Michael Pfaff, the former bandmate of Shawn Crahan’s in the side project “Dirty Little Rabbits.” The new Slipknot member was caught abandoning his outfit recently.

In other news regarding Slipknot, fans took to the subreddit of the group to discuss the vintage Slipknot track ‘Me Inside’, off of the band’s 1999 self-titled album and it’s legacy.

MaggotTheNecromancer said: “This song really hits me. Just the guitars, drums, vocals, and everything. It reminds me of just being in a bad state during 6-7th grade. Bad bad times. I’m finally starting to get better. But enough of that. Anyone else feel the same?”

A Slipknot member’s younger girlfriend was recently revealed. Udavka wrote: “I don’t know, the chorus is actually the part I like the least about the song. “This fucking life is killing me! Tearing me!” is my favorite part of this song. Corey’s screams are brutal as fuck and it just sounds amazing.”

One user wasn’t as kind about the track as Redditor Ammymo103 explains: “Aside from the chorus, it’s the weakest song on that first of S/T. It’s one of their oldest songs yet somehow feels and sounds so thrown together last minute.”

Zach Hill confirmed Tortilla man for Halloween. from r/Slipknot