Chris Cornell’s Daughter Singing Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” Is Incredible


A beautiful cover Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily performed of Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” in August 2016 has surfaced. Watch below.

Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily shared a beautiful tribute on Father’s Day. She posted a never before released photo of her father kissing her as a baby after her birth in 2000. She wrote, “I love you.”

She also wrote on Chris Cornell’s Facebook:


A couple summers ago we were biking around Central Park and you told me that there aren’t many truly good people in the world, but that I was one of the few. You always had such firm confidence and pride in what I did, and your warmth and love inspired me to do my best. Now more than ever, I want to live my life to help others as you did. I want to continue to make you proud. Toni, C and I promise to survive, persevere and thrive, as we’ve always done. I’m so proud to be your baby, I love you more than words can say and I will miss you forever.

Your ladybug,

  • Tammy Belcher Sparks

    Lily is talented and beautiful 💜

  • Cristiann

    Aww, that was really lovely. Both Lily and Toni are very talented singers. I wonder if Chris Jr has shown an actual interest in music yet.

    Also, that picture of Chris with baby Lily is just precious. <3

    • † Kill Soft Grunge †

      Lily can sing but I don’t think Toni can. Toni needs vocal lessons. There’s a beautiful soulfulness in Lily’s voice that Toni doesn’t have.

    • Olga Stewart

      I heard from someone else on here that Chris seems to have an interest in drumming.

      • Cristiann

        Oh, that would be so cool. His father started out as a drummer. I’ll bet he’s a big fan of Matt Cameron. 🙂

      • Kay B

        I believe Chris drummed before singing even.

        • Trovoid

          Yep he was drumming and singing at the same time for Soundgarden. The band was actually afraid of losing their rhythm section between Chris and Hiro. They thought he was more valuable as a drummer! He was so reserved back then that they hardly considered his potential as a frontman.

          • Kay B

            Isn’t that something? Funny how things work out. At least we were lucky enough to live in a period where he graced us with his awesome voice.

  • † Kill Soft Grunge †

    Lily can sing!

  • Olga Stewart

    She has a good voice. :).

    Though, I was really struck by how similar the photos of both Jeff and Chris (at the top of the article) were.

    • † Kill Soft Grunge †

      Both wonderful men gone 🙁

  • Lesa

    She sounds incredible, Very Very talented. Would love to hear more if and when Lily is ready. As much as I love this, please don’t invade her privacy.

  • Megyn White

    That was so, so pretty and appears to be effortless. I’m so sad for Chris and his children. I’m positive he didn’t want to leave his children, didn’t want to miss them growing into young adults. God I wish we knew what happened; not out of morbid curiosity, but out of love, care and concern.

    Love to Lily, Toni, Chris Jr.
    R.I.P. forever Chris, you will never be forgotten and never not loved.