Chris Cornell’s Widow Reacts To Fans Reading Into Dark Lyrics Since Death


Vicky Cornell knows that people want to read into her late husband Chris Cornell’s “lyrics and darkness” to explain his death.

“If that soothes you and gives you some comfort in your grief, that’s fine,” she said in a new Seattle Times article. “His lyrics and his music were for you to interpret as it suited you. And in his death you can make it and take what you want, if it helps you in your grief and understanding.”

For her, and her children, Chris Cornell will always be “a different man” from the rock star the public knew, “One who didn’t wrestle with demons and ever question his desire to live.”

He loved performing, Vicky Cornell said. He loved the noise. The bigger the stage, the louder the audience, the better. He loved performing, he loved writing. He loved coming home to his children.

“Two months still feels like yesterday,” she said. “It is still very recent and I’m sure this will be a process to years, to come to terms with what happened. If that’s ever actually possible.”