Liam Gallagher Reveals What Dave Grohl ‘Ruined’


Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher discussed Mick Jagger, Dave Grohl, and Bono in a new GQ interview.

When asked about Jagger, Liam had a backhanded compliment at the ready: “Fair play to ol’ dinosaur hips, but I’m not that man. I’m anti-entertainment. Poor sod, he’s got to dance until he’s 108.” he told British GQ.

Gallagher seemed to hold a combination of resentment and admiration for Grohl, who famously played Foo Fighters shows with a broken leg. “He ruined it for all of us,” Liam said. “He broke his leg and still toured. Who does that? Now if I have a cold I can’t cancel because I’ll look like a wuss.”

Grohl even asked Gallagher to join the Foo Fighters at Glastonbury, an invitation the Brit declined. “He asked me to come on and do a song,” Gallagher said. “I said no, cos I need a bit of rehearsal. I know it’s cool and all that, but I need a rehearsal.”

Finally, Liam was not impressed when he met Bono. “I had the Bono chat, yeah. Wish I’d had an out-of-body experience instead. Not in my top 50.”