Chris Cornell’s Widow Tells Chester Bennington’s Widow Why ‘Stigma’ Needs To End


Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky sent a beautiful message to late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda.

Vicky Cornell wrote to Talinda, “Love you @TalindaB So proud of you – no more stigma , it’s time to talk , it’s time for change #320changedirection.”

Talinda wrote back, “Love you sis.”

Talinda Bennington grew up from humble beginnings in Southern California. She married Chester Bennington of Linkin Park in 2005 and instantly had the large, beautiful family she had always dreamed of – becoming stepmother to Chester’s three sons. Chester and Talinda went on to have three more children of their own and together had the joy of raising their six children together.

In 2009, Talinda became a Founding Board Member of Stars of the Season, an annual fundraising event for the newly built Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, AZ. In the summer of 2017, Talinda lost her husband to depression and addiction. Chester Bennington died by suicide on July 20, 2017. Determined to prevent others in need from suffering alone, Talinda partnered with Give an Hour and the Campaign to Change Direction and launched 320 Changes Direction – an effort named in honor of Chester Bennington whose birthday was March 20th. The goal of 320 Changes Direction is to ensure that families are equipped to understand and support loved ones who are dealing with mental health challenges.

Talinda has become a spokesperson and champion for this effort and speaks regularly on panels, on social media and at events – about the need to change our culture so that those who are suffering emotionally are able to receive the care they deserve. In June 2018, Talinda will be a featured speaker at the Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change in London.

  • Olga Stewart

    Yes, I do agree that the stigma around mental health issues needs to end.

  • Mac

    Amen. Many scientists state its just chemicals. So, getting help is a first step.

  • BranFAN

    I wonder if they’ll ever be able to move on and have a life not centered on their losses. I mean, great cause, but…

  • Renée Lynn

    All while saying her husband was a relapsed drug addict. She should really just keep quiet.

    • Violet Guevera

      literally she posts a picture of herself while ‘speaking’ to CB’s widow. has anyone else thought maybe cc & cb were lovers?

  • Carrie Walker

    I have suffered from depression for a very long time. I understand the importance of getting the proper help. I have isolated from the world and know the feeling of wanting to end it all. That is why my true feeling of Chris or Chester committing suicide is that it was not of their own doing. Why? Mainly because of the kids. Their love for them is what kept them going. I believe the choice of the women in their lives was the undoing of both. That is my own personal feeling and I am saddened that they were labeled as drug addicts,not fair!! I can only pray for someone to reinvestigate their deaths. PEACE and love to their children. Depression sucks!!

  • Violet Guevera

    wait. I thought Vicky said ativan made him kill himself? whys she not bringing up barbiturates? that’s some Marilyn Monroe shit…how the fuck was he getting a barbiturate script and how come Vicky’s not bringing that up? she knows why he killed himself…and its definitely not ativan induced. wondering what was going on in that last phone call with her before he killed himself…its bad when Courtney love has more class than….hmm…Vicky. he killed himself, Vicky. you know why. stop playing ffs

  • donkey_kong

    I long thought i suffered from mental illness and depression, until I booted my sociopathic ex wife from my life last year. I used drugs, booze, cigarettes, etc during the worst of it, but am clean this year. I thought about suicide often, even considered calling the hotline, and those feelings were worst when I started weaning myself off anti-depressants. I definitely do not consider suicide the cowardly way out anymore, having kids or not. I can tell you, today’s psych meds make you think or do crazy things when you stop taking them. You are either a zombie while on them, or an amplified emotional basket-case when you try to stop taking them. Beware to those who think drugs are miracle cure. Sometimes the cause of depression is external not internal. RIP CHRIS AND CHESTER

    • Olga Stewart

      I am very glad that you are still here with us.