90’s Rocker ‘Glad’ Drug Is Killing People Like Tom Petty & Dolores O’Riordan


Marilyn Manson’s former keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) revealed why he’s happy that fentanyl is killing ‘dope heads.’ It was recently revealed in Tom Petty’s toxicology report that fentanyl played a role in his death, and there have been unverified reports (Yahoo and A Journal Of Musical Things wrote about it) that fentanyl was found near late Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan’s body when she was found dead.

If you’re struggling with addiction, please visit Narcotics Anonymous.

Pogo wrote:

I am glad that fentanyl is killing all of the dope heads… you knew you were taking a gamble when you bought street drugs.

It sucks for your family, but that is what you did to them when you decided to buy Street dope.

It’s not like you’re some f****** weed head getting paraquat unintentionally.

I’m sorry you became a f****** addict, but I’m even more sorry the people who actually need pain medication can’t get it.

Thanks for ruining medicine for everyone.

When you put the pill in your mouth or the pipe in your mouth or the needle in your arm, you get what you get…I fully believe in the freedom of individuals to put whatever they want in their body, and I fully believe in the fact that they can’t complain when they get s*** for it.

I know your life sucks, and that’s why we have alcohol and cigarettes and all kinds of s***… But don’t ruin pain medication for people who need it.

Here’s the problem with fentanyl: I wanted to get high, but not that high that quickly that killed me.

  • karen

    Wow, pretty fucked up thing to say. Addiction is not a choice! Addicts suffer from emotional pain and need help. And the doctors who overprescribe these meds are partially to blame for the epidemic of addiction and death!!

  • makingconnections

    I don’t like these words either but I also don’t like the way the crisis is being handled or not handled. I particularly dislike the pointing fingers at physicians as having started it all. Some people may have gone down the road of using drugs for easing their emotional pain when they were treated for an injury or some such thing and liked the numbness that painkillers gave them; however, it’s not always the doctor’s fault. In the 80’s physicians were told that people should not be in pain, that they would heal more quickly if they weren’t in pain. I’ve seen it myself in cases where people try to tough it out when dealing with pain and they get so tense that their recovery is drawn out. I believe pain should be carefully treated. Those who are in pain shouldn’t be punished because politicians want to get credit for cutting down the number of pills dispensed for pain. It’s not their Grandmother who is bewildered because she suddenly has to suffer after years of being treated with the same amount of medication then suddenly it’s not O.K.
    It’s said that depression, addiction and suicide are all connected…thankfully suicide is less common that depression and addiction, but then again some addicts are committing suicide slowly. I know that no one every chooses to become an addict–it never happens. I’m hearing more and more about legalizing the drugs and having the government make certain that the only drugs available are not dangerously contaminated with Fentanyl. The idea would be to take the desperation, the sickness and carelessness out of the lives of addicts as much as possible. Also, the criminal element would be disempowered to some degree anyway. I don’t know if this is the answer, but being cruel to very sick people and watching them die is horrible. This issue should not be taken over by politicians…there has to be input from many sides to deal with such a crisis.

  • Maryam

    What is this dude talking about? Tom Petty didn’t buy street drugs and for him to even comment on Dolores he just sounds ridiculous. Nothing has come out on Dolores so this dude just needs to stop talking when he doesn’t even know facts. Actually he’s commented on a bunch of articles and he just seems like an ignorant prick!

    • Kay B

      I agree with you. Petty also had a drug in his system that was not legal in the US. He could have been doctor shopping like Prince apparently was. I’m not saying anything bad about both men, just an observation.

      • Mt2day

        No. Experts have weighed in that it is unclear if Petty ingested the illegal version of fentanyl or if it was a metabolite of the fentanyl patch he was wearing. That’s why there has been no additional investigation into his death.

        • Kay B

          I thought they had found acetyl fentanyl in his system which has no medical use in the US but is more of a street drug. Either way he and Prince did have medical problems and surgery can cause the problem to get worse sometimes. But when you take these pain drugs more and more, the pain gets worse and it is harder to control as time goes on. I could see how they felt they had to take more of the drug to achieve relief.

          • makingconnections

            I agree Kay…people needing treatment for pain should be carefully monitored and alternative pain management options offered to them. It shouldn’t be so hard to protect them from doctor shopping with our IT world where it’s quite easy to see who is taking which drug and how often. I just hate to see doctors afraid of authorities as they are here and lots of people, some of them old and vulnerable, are suffering badly because they’ve been cut down so quickly and some totally off medication they’ve taken for years. That’s not helping addicts and each patient has a different story. As it is now they’re all being treated as addicts and the doctors are hardly able to follow their rule of “firstly, do no harm”. Why do we always have to flip so far to one side or the other. A little balance would be nice.

    • Morgan Kelly

      When you’re rich, you don’t have to buy “street drugs”. You just get your doctor to prescribe them. You’re still an addict though, just one that doesn’t get arrested like poor people do.

      • Maryam

        Really that’s not true, plenty of “rich” people do cocaine, heroin and other street drugs. Where do you get this idea that they only take pills from a Dr.? Ever hear of Janis Joplin, Layne Stayley, Jim Morrison, Phil Anselmo did street drugs. Just because your rich doesn’t mean you won’t do street drugs.

  • Mt2day

    Um jerk, Petty had a broken hip.

    • makingconnections

      Yes, and Dolores had severe back pain, a disc problem I believe.

  • Olga Stewart


    Please shut the hell up.

    • Jesse Wustner

      Yeah, its a shame that all the good ones have to go so soon, Petty, Cornell, Prince, Bennington, etc….. and this toolbag gets to live on, spouting his bs. Karma is a bitch.

      • Olga Stewart

        I hope that this guy never has to experience the physical pain that some of the above named (in your comment) suffered from.

        Somehow I’m not sure he could cope.

        • Jesse Wustner

          Unfortunately its what he needs to expierence first hand, for him to understand, maybe he wont be so quick to open his cock trap. Sorry for the language, but i get irritated by douches like him.

          • Olga Stewart

            No problem on the language, as I’ve heard worse. :).

  • Corndog

    What an absolute ballbag.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Never heard of him. Did he play in the Verve Pipe or something?

  • DanSwon

    Why do you feel the need to keep reporting this moron’s every worthless nasty thought? He’s clearly mentally ill and desperate for attention.

  • Jesse Wustner

    Fuck this douchebag, and his opinion. Hopefully someone close to him does not die in this manner, addiction is a nasty customer, and noone is safe from it. It can happen to anyone, and this asshole feels entitled to speak out and say hes glad???? What a piece of shit.

  • Olga Stewart

    Also, I hope that this guy never comes across the relatives of the people who he is referring to in his post.

    To say that they wouldn’t be pleased with him would be an understatement.

  • Trovoid

    Screw Pogo, I’m getting tired of hearing his bullshit. The man lacks empathy.

    We need to get people in pain remedies like medicinal marijuana and kratom. I know some pain is severe enough for morphine or percocet but for the most part there are safer pain management options. Big Pharma are a bunch of murderers and live for the $$.

    Of course people have the right to put whatever in their bodies but what kind of sicko is glad that people are dying?? This makes me so angry.

  • bloggermouth

    Dolores was my friend. I had a long conversation with her regarding her back issues. She told me that her doctor was treating the pain with injections which according to her was working. Wait until the post mortem results before saying something so incredibly insensitive about someone you don’t know.