‘Complicated’ Battle Over Scott Weiland’s Last Unreleased Music Revealed


Mike Foley has posted on Facebook regarding late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s last unreleased music with the Wondergirls. The Wondergirls was a short lived supergroup in 1999.

“Yes a year later I’m still pushing to get the original recordings from this album remixed & released. I just made some Instagram clips of my own with the song because I don’t own this video yet. While Scott is gone, both Ash Hamilton & Jay Gordon are for the release. It’s far more complicated than it has to be. It seems the hardest part is getting the person in possession of the reels to let us do what should’ve been done long ago. But she’s not interested in Scott’s legacy. You would think that her love of his money would be inspiration enough but a year later, & that’s since just my involvement in it, this person has yet to respond to something, when completed, would benefit everyone, including her & more importantly his children. I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy!”

Foley also wrote about the Wondergirls in November on Instagram:

“I accidentally discovered Wondergirls a year ago. I spoke to Jay in January at the Whisky about it & he sent me to Ashley, who was excited at the idea of converting the original reels directly to mp3 (no CD) remix & update the tracks.

Jay said he’d produce & we’d release this treasure w/proceeds going to Scott’s kids, but Mary has the reels & I don’t know what will happen now, Ash had his daughter a few months ago & we haven’t spoken of it in months. I haven’t given up. Ash used Wondergirls for Iron Man 3 in 2013 & Jay produced that. I still hope we’ll eventually release what may be the only music left from Scott no one has heard.”

It’s important to note that Mary Weiland has not made any statements regarding unreleased Wondergirls music, so this is just coming from Foley, Hamilton, and Gordon’s perspective.

The Wondergirls featured a huge lineup with members of massive bands including Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age, Sugar Ray, Jane’s Addiction, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and The Cult.

Ken Andrews – guitar, synth
Ian Astbury – vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion
Doug Ardito – keyboards
Jay Gordon – vocals, synth
Martyn LeNoble – bass guitar
Shannon Leto – drums
Mark McGrath – vocals
Ryan Shuck – guitar
Troy Van Leeuwen – guitar
Scott Weiland – vocals, keyboards
Ashley Hamilton – vocals
Chris Lloyd – guitar

  • Kay B

    Dammit. Scott looks better in heels and hose than I do.

    • makingconnections

      –and I always love the way he could make eye makeup work so well.

      • Kay B

        Yes his eye make up wasn’t much but it was great. I like his velvet suit in this as well.


        • Leslie Winter

          C’mon ladies, Scott Weiland genius musical work should be remembered first & foremost!!!!! His wife & family are suffering tremendously & do not deserve to be held under a microscope!!!!!

          • Kay B

            I didn’t know we were holding them under a microscope. Am I missing something? We were talking about his style.

          • makingconnections

            We’re admiring Scott Weiland’s talent as we always do. His stage presence was part of it.

          • Kay B

            I think we picked up a weirdo….

          • makingconnections

            Haha…the more the merrier; however I was thinking that accusing others of putting down widows has become a habit with some people! I guess it feels good to lay your head on your pillow and feel like you’ve really put a few “ladies” in their place.

          • Kay B

            “Ladies” haha

          • makingconnections

            Didn’t your Mom tell you to act like a lady? Mine did and I always thought it meant being a good CWL member and I wasn’t having any of it!

          • Kay B

            No but she did mention many times how I was living in sin while I was dating this one guy 20 yrs ago. Like get over it mom. I was 20 at the time and it was my decision. Funny how my mom was pregnant with my sister before she was married. I guess he didn’t think we could figure the math out.

          • makingconnections

            My Mom used to tell me all the time that no one would marry me (starting about 10 yrs..as though that was my only option in life)…and that I shouldn’t go around town in blue jeans when I was about to be married…so glad to be outa that town. No wonder I married at 19 the first time. I was probably afraid he’d change his mind!

  • makingconnections

    What I admire about Scott Weiland is his incredible stage presence, his musicality– his style was always just right for the music. Even when covering for Jim Morrison with the Doors, he was so into what he was doing–somehow with respect and passion at the same time. It’s as though he had some sort of instinct that came into play when he performed and could be restrained at times and so beautifully crazy at other times.

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  • Eric Simons

    Did anyone notice that Scott reused part of the lyrics and melody on Heed The Water Whisperer?

    “All those things are so real

    They scare me when I dream but you know that

    You are the one that keeps me real.”