Taylor Momsen Pink Suit Photo At Beach Revealed


Taylor Momsen might have sung about ‘going to hell’ but she certainly looks ‘hotter than hell’ in this newly released swimsuit photo! The Pretty Reckless singer has ditched the grungy, dark getups and embraced something far more bubbly as you can see with this fun in the sun inspired outfit. It looks like Taylor Momsen can’t wait until the summertime and neither can we! Taylor Momsen was recently caught sleeping with ‘lover’ in photo.


In other news regarding Taylor Momsen, fans of the Pretty Reckless singer took to social media to discuss and debate her aforementioned latest album ‘Going To Hell’. One reviewer stated: “I really like the album and I am glad that there is new rock and roll coming out. This album (visually in the videos) is still trying a little too hard to be rock-n-roll “edgy (see the cover) but the music is excellent. As weird as it seems I like the album cover as it is better than the version that show’s Taylor’s whole backside. I guess the tease + dimples trumps the whole deal and ass dimples. Which doesn’t really make any sense but somehow that is how it is.”

Taylor Momsen revealed this hot holiday outfit not too long ago. While another reviewer wrote: “I knew that I’d be getting this album at some point, but I didn’t know how soon after it was coming out that I’d get it. Was checking it out a night or two before the release, when I bit the bullet. Got the limited edition and AutoRip which is always a great perk. I got hooked on the band after hearing “Make Me Want to Die” and have been following them since. This is a very strong follow up to Light Me Up, and I’m enjoying it more each listen. So far, I’d have to say that “Heaven Knows” is my favorite. It reminds me of another song that I can’t quite place, but it sticks with me.”

The reviewer concluded by saying: “Taylor Momsen is doing a great job in the hard rock area, and she has some great vocals for their normal rocking sound and the acoustic versions which I love as well. If you’ve heard their stuff and liked it, there’s no question on picking this up. If you’ve only caught a few of their songs, pick up the album and enjoy it.” Taylor Momsen was spotted kissing a woman in a photo this past summer.