Dave Grohl Didn’t Seem Thrilled With Liam Gallagher’s Bizarre Performance With Foo Fighters


As we reported earlier, former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry joined Foo Fighters to perform The Beatles’ “Come Together” last night at Cal Jam 17. A new backstage angle from the performance has been uploaded by FeelNumb.com and it shows Liam having to read the lyrics to the song, and dance with a woman on stage who he also had sing certain parts. A video has also been uploaded of Liam jumping into the crowd.

A fan named sheik_yerbouti wrote on Foo Fighters’ Reddit, “He came on stage for a cover of Come Together. Didn’t know the lyrics, had to read them off this big piece of paper and still got them wrong. He went into the audience to grab a hot chick to hold the lyrics and sing/dance with him. Then he went into the crowd while the bodyguards tried to scramble to get him back. Meanwhile, Dave’s walking around like wtf… He later commented, ‘…Well that wasn’t planned.'”

FlightofBrian wrote, “There’s a big difference between being piss drunk and having a good time with friends and acting like a complete and utter moron drunk and ruining a performance. Forgetting the lyrics is one thing, forgetting the song structure and coming in in the MIDDLE of another section is another.”

beepbopbeepitybop wrote, “I was in the front row and he is honesty the weirdest fucking dude. No idea why he was there. People fucking loved him up front though. The dude like spent the whole time trying to convince people he was relevant. I mean he had a song basically telling people this is rock and roll. A sign that also said it (the shittiest sign ever) which he kept pointing to. He kept like talking shit to the microphone during his set. Like going up to it and whispering stuff. His outfit was absurd. And his voice sounded like complete shit. It was like an old drunk guy signing in a bar.

Then he comes out during Foo and it was a fucking nightmare. He didn’t know the words. He like tries to crowd surf. He still looks like a fucking douche. He like wandered off so no one could find him.

Worst performer of the day by far. Just complete and utter shit in my opinion. It didn’t fit with everything else being played. It was terrible.”