Watch Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha Nearly Make Billy Corgan Cry


Smashing Pumpkins members Billy Corgan and James Iha recently discussed their reconciliation on 101 WKQX, and Corgan said he was getting teary thinking about their relationship and history.

Iha said, “I reached out to Billy and we had a nice dinner, and just started from that, more just about becoming friends again, and just talking.”

Corgan later added about regrets over past issues with his bandmates.

“You just realize that whatever was the issue just is not an issue anymore.”

“I think if we could do it all over again, I think we would have done it different, but having turned out the way it has turned out, Jimmy has left and come back different times, and obviously James not being in the band all those years, I think now that we are together again, the band is stronger than ever. Because the things that we learned without each other were really valuable, and has a lot to do with where we are at right now. But I think we have such a greater and deeper appreciation for one another, and our friendship, and our love as a family as Smashing Pumpkins. I get teary thinking about it, because it’s such a crazy journey.

He also said, “When I stand across from James, and look at Jimmy, I see us in dingy rehearsal spaces when nobody cared about us. I see us dragging out equipment through snow, I see hipsters making fun of us in 1989 saying, ‘What are you even trying to do?’ When you have that bond and that connection, that never goes away. That’s really what binds us.”

“30 years and counting, it just blows my mind.”