Watch Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha Nearly Make Billy Corgan Cry


Smashing Pumpkins members Billy Corgan and James Iha recently discussed their reconciliation on 101 WKQX, and Corgan said he was getting teary thinking about their relationship and history.

Iha said, “I reached out to Billy and we had a nice dinner, and just started from that, more just about becoming friends again, and just talking.”

Corgan later added about regrets over past issues with his bandmates.

“You just realize that whatever was the issue just is not an issue anymore.”

“I think if we could do it all over again, I think we would have done it different, but having turned out the way it has turned out, Jimmy has left and come back different times, and obviously James not being in the band all those years, I think now that we are together again, the band is stronger than ever. Because the things that we learned without each other were really valuable, and has a lot to do with where we are at right now. But I think we have such a greater and deeper appreciation for one another, and our friendship, and our love as a family as Smashing Pumpkins. I get teary thinking about it, because it’s such a crazy journey.

He also said, “When I stand across from James, and look at Jimmy, I see us in dingy rehearsal spaces when nobody cared about us. I see us dragging out equipment through snow, I see hipsters making fun of us in 1989 saying, ‘What are you even trying to do?’ When you have that bond and that connection, that never goes away. That’s really what binds us.”

“30 years and counting, it just blows my mind.”

  • Mel Di Yorio


  • Corndog

    “When you have that bond and that connection, that never goes away.” Unless your name is Darcy. Then it apparently goes away for him really quickly.

    • John Scott

      I had really hoped that D’Arcy would have been included at some point, but it just wasn’t meant to be I guess. I’m going to see them tonight (8-17) in Indianapolis, but the reunion feels somewhat hollow to me.

      • Corndog

        Yes it would have been nice to see the entire band back together. It will never feel like a proper reunion without her there. It is nice to see that Billy and James have finally buried the hatchet though.

        I quite liked their new song Solara. Not at first; took a while to grow on me but now i really like it. I’ll happily take an album that sounds like that. Just please god, no more Monuments or Oceania. Those albums were awful. Zeitgeist though, i don’t understand the hate that album gets. I really liked it and think that it was the best thing that he has done since Mellon Collie.

        • John Scott

          I was slow to accept every album after Mellon Collie – I’m not sure why. I eventually came around to most of them, and really love Adore. But Monuments and Oceania just don’t click for me at all. I can’t listen to them.

          • Corndog

            I don’t blame you. Those two albums are awful!

            I also find it difficult to listen to Machina. I think there is a good album in there somewhere, but it is buried under terrible production values. I don’t hear guitars on that album at all. It just sounds like a homogeneous hiss to me. I really don’t get how Billy accepted that and allowed it to be released in that state. I think i read somewhere that it was going to be remastered but now that i’m saying it i think i may have imagined it. Wishful thinking perhaps? 🙂

          • Michelle White

            Hey John

    • AryaxAhmad

      Because shes a crack

    • Olga Stewart

      ^^^This right here.