Dave Grohl Has Emotional Reaction To Small Crowd At Show


During a new edition of his SiriusXM show, metal and hard rock guru, Eddie Trunk shared a story on how Foo Fighters frontman Good Guy Dave Grohl showed up as a surprise at a charity event in Encino, California. The event was to raise money for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. Trunk praised Grohl for showing up, which he did coincidentally as he lives nearby and noticed the event when walking by with his children. Grohl noticed the smaller crowd, and wanted to know how it could be filled up in the future to help the charitable cause. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s comments:

Trunk: I said to him, this is the fifth year and he goes:

“They gotta get a lot more people in here, man.”

Trunk: [I told him], ‘Dave (Grohl), here’s the deal, it’s awesome you came by and it’s awesome you’re gonna play but if next year I can announce you or someone like you as a part of this? We will fill this place. We will pack it and we will raise a ton of money for the charity.’ He’s like:

“Yeah, yeah I get that, I get that.” 

Trunk: So we will see where we are next year as far as that’s concerned but as I’ve said before it’s wonderful when musicians do things like this and show up. It’s awesome that Dave came, but if it’s going to help move the needle and draw people you’ve got to be able to announce it in advance. You know how many times I’ve worked on charity events and major artists have said ‘I’ll show up but don’t announce it.’ That doesn’t help! That doesn’t help the event at all! Unless you can advertise and publicize the person that draws people coming to it, people won’t buy tickets.

Trunk concluded:

Trunk: So it was wonderful that Dave showed up, it was an instant jolt of juice in the room, in the park, and amongst the musicians when word got out that he was there.