Van Halen Member Leaves Stunning Tip At Restaurant


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently had dinner with Green Day drummer Tre Cool. Hagar claimed that he paid the bill, which included sushi and sake, with a massive tip with the amount that costs. Sammy Hagar recently leaked a ‘skinny’ Eddie Van Halen photo.

Hagar said, “Always good to hang out with the cools Wright. #couples #treandsaracool #datenight #sushi #socal.” He later added, “Oh my god that’s not Sara I’m sorry to whoever it is or I’m happy for you whatever works best.”

Cathyleighsavage commented, “Aaahhh sure miss the wine dinners!!! They are great Cools!!! Enjoy.” Hagar responded, “Me too. We drank sake tonight. But nothing like those wine dinners.”

Fryguy29 chimed in, “Watching the NASCAR show with Rick Hendrick….Holy shit that’s a collection of cars!!” Hagar shot back, “Tell me about it I finally got 67 red stingray convertible 427 390 horse From him damn that collection.”

Lawyer4life said, “TreCool and his wife! Always supporting skateboarding! Great power couple! We love them. Love you too Sammy, and all you do! You and Steve Perry, my 2 all time favs!!!”

Don’t Disturb My Peace recently discussed an unreleased Hagar tracked called “Open” on He said, “I’m trying to find out what album session this track came from, I absolutely love it. The time frame seems around 2007 ‘Cosmic universal fashion’ time, but could be wrong. The lyrics and chorus are just incredible. The harmonies are either Mike or Mona. Even that’s hard to tell cause their voices are so similar. I’d love to know the songs origins.”

Van Squalen responded, “It was a non album one-off single, around his Livin’ It Up era or so, 2007 I think. Great song.” DFVH5150 added, “He put all of his recent standalone singles on Cosmic…except that one. Makes no sense.” Sammy Hagar recently reacted to an Eddie Van Halen ‘death bed’ rumor.