Dave Grohl Reveals Why He’s Glad Foo Fighters Skipped Grammys


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were recently interviewed on The Project in Australia, and they were asked about winning a Grammy. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments.

“I woke up to that this morning, because of the time difference. I kind of woke up, and I looked at my phone, and was like, why do I have 57,000 text messages? Then it was like, ‘Congrats, congrats, congrats.’ We’re just happy to still be here. For us to be able to come back down here and still play big shows, and still have fans, that’s the reward. So when you hear about things like the Grammys, it’s just hard to believe that we actually still get them.”

He was then asked about if he wishes Foo Fighters had been at the Grammys.

“I’d rather be here man. We’ve been on tour here for what, like a week and a half? We’ve spent 5 days in Byron, and we’re swimming in the ocean. Everyone is like, ‘I wish you were here at the Grammys!’ It’s 20 degrees, it’s winter there! This is the right place to be.”

Alternative Nation recently wrote about the disrespect rock received at the 2018 Grammys:

Rock has been dying at the Grammys for years, but last night was definitely a low point. The genre’s awards have been receiving less and less coverage for years, with less performances as well. U2, who are pushing 60, doing some sort of political statement was the extent of rock’s major live presence. The Best Rock Song category wasn’t televised, which featured Foo Fighters beating Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Avenged Sevenfold even told fans and the media they wouldn’t be attending due to the lack of respect the award was getting due to the lack of televised coverage. The National also did not receive proper coverage for their Best Alternative Album award.

While Foo Fighters and Metallica are obviously entering the latter part of their careers, the fact that even they can’t get on TV is disheartening for bands coming up. Younger acts like Greta Van Fleet and Royal Blood can hopefully be the next generation of rock heavyweights if they can start pumping out classic albums, but how are they supposed to have hope of shaking up the mainstream when even the biggest names in the genre can’t get any respect at music’s biggest awards show?

The Best Rock Performance was also not televised, which featured Chris Cornell’s “The Promise” losing posthumously to Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker.” Cornell’s daughters and widow were in attendance, and televising this segment could have been a nice chance to pay tribute to Cornell’s career and impact on the industry with some sort of live performance.

There was also a bit where Hillary Clinton and others read quotes from a political book. Why not use that segment to have an artist cover Linkin Park’s “One More Light” in honor of Chester Bennington? Linkin Park didn’t receive any nominations, and it would have been the perfect song to pay tribute to Bennington and others in rock we’ve lost in the last year. Logic’s suicide prevention awareness song was definitely a nice gesture coming out of the In Memoriam segment, but it would have been nice to hear more of the music from the rock artists who have passed away, as we only really got that with Chris Stapleton’s tribute to Tom Petty.

  • I cannot agree more with Grohl…… the Grammy’s sucked this year and they’ve been getting crappy year after year, honoring people have not earned it or who show limited talent. I have no idea how the Grammy’s who once honored ROCK music has become both political and vigilant to rap/pop music. Not honoring Chris Cornell/Chester Bennington is completely disrespectful. Only one mention of another lifelong icon, Tom Petty was barely honored but by one……
    Where is the respect. I think the Grammy’s need to revisit what they were initially intended to portray/represent and its purpose to get back to the way it use to be when REAL ROCK BAND were given the respect they deserve. Long gone the days of REAL ROCK AND ROLL, what the Grammy’s have always represented honoring those who influenced these rockers. RESPECT!

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  • joelhfx

    They see rock and roll as white man’s creation and they are bigots.

  • dipstick10

    Grammys mainly appeal to Pop audiences. AC/DC rocked it pretty hard a couple years ago but those bands can’t carry torch forever. Rock is in a sad state. Audiences are satisfied to let GnR make a billion purely on nostalgia. Quit lining their pockets and some band might actually make a Great rock album again. Audiences need to demand more than nostalgia tours

  • Vince Yim

    Another indicator of rock’s decline is the decline in sales of electric guitars. Fewer young people are taking it up as an instrument nowadays.