Dave Grohl Stunning AC/DC Demand Leads To Backlash


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Brandi Carlile performed at the Pike Place Market in Seattle last month, leading to a viral video that exploded on Facebook and social media. They played the Foo Fighters hit “Times Like These.” Phil and Tim Hanseroth also took part in the performance, and they recently told The Seattle Times that Grohl originally wanted to perform an acoustic version of the AC/DC classic “Let There Be Rock.” Foo Fighters cover the song live at their shows along with other classic rock songs like Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” Phil and Tim tried to learn the song at the Four Seasons hotel lobby at the request of Grohl, but they were asked to leave by an employee.

Brandi Carlile told Rolling Stone that’s not all they did.

“I don’t totally want to give it away, but he came out to my house to talk to me about something he’s working on. It’s more like one of his doc-series,” Carlile says. “We hung out and rode four-wheelers around my house all day, cooked dinner and did shots of tequila — just had a great time.”

The next day, Carlile and Grohl, who also spent a period in Seattle when his former band Nirvana ruled the music world, drove around the city in a trip down memory lane.

“We talked about and went to a few key places that were important in both of our lives, and places he used to hang out with Kurt [Cobain] and the guys,” Carlile says. “We have the same guitar tech that Nirvana used, Ernie Bailey. We talked about some of their scallywag shenanigans. Then we went to some restaurants and bars I used to play and busk at.”

Comedian and actor Jim Breuer was recently interviewed on SiriusXM and discussed how Dave Grohl once came up to him to reveal that he would have liked to see him sing for AC/DC during Brian Johnson’s hiatus from the band when he had hearing issues.

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose ended up temporarily taking over the gig. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed Breuer’s comments.

Breuer: Dave Grohl then comes walking over to me. Now part of me is like ‘he’s been around Jack Black and these guys really know how to rock. I’m just a meathead to him.’ He comes over and goes “Dude! Dude!”

Breuer: First thing Dave Grohl says to me is “When Brian Johnson wasn’t doing AC/DC, I was like [Jim] Breuer’s gotta do AC/DC, Breuer’s gotta do it!”

Breuer: I was like, ‘stop it!’ Can I just say, I went on every radio station and I would not go see AC/DC unless David Grohl was singing. That would be legit to me. Dave Grohl says

“Hey Brian can’t be here but I’m filling in because I love AC/DC”

Breuer: Boom! My man, I might follow the whole tour! He’s the guy. [say] “I’m still Foo Fighters, I’m not looking for the glamour, I’m looking to fill in”. Dave Grohl to me should of been the guy.