Ed Kowalczyk Confirms Live Reunion


Yesterday, Ed Kowalczyk updated his profile photo on his Facebook page to an image of himself with a Live logo and naming himself as a member of Live, and also naming himself as the Lead Singer/Songwriter of Live in the “about” section of his profile. In addition, Live’s Facebook page has updated their cover photo to a retro image of the band which includes Kowalczyk.

liveimg_3213It has been long rumored that Live was going to reunite with Kowalczyk. After a radio appearance with Live bandmate Chad Taylor last month, speculation of a reunion grew rampant among Live fans

In 2009, the original members of Live split under very tumultuous circumstances, which included lawsuits, Kowalczyk trying to get a lead singer bonus, and plenty of drama in the press, making it seem any positive relationship between the original members of the band and their founding vocalist was over. In 2014, with Kowalczyk continuing on with a solo career, Live brought in former Unified Theory vocalist Chris Shinn for The Turn, which many fans considered the band’s best release since 1997’s Secret Samadhi.

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  • Joe Costigan

    Glad to see they all resolved the issues. It would be nice to see them come out with some new music. Live was one of my fav bands of the mid-late 90s as I navigated through my teenage years. Hoping for the best.

  • 3p0nymuss

    I know a lot of fans of Live with Chris Shinn are upset, turned off, confused, and/or even angered by this reunion… considering how they stuck by CC&P during the post-EK years I can understand their feelings. Who knows whether or not this reunion has resulted in a genuine creative spark. I guess that’s TBD (pun intended) by the listener. Hopefully it’s more than just an opportunity to capitalize on legacy and will result in some genuinely raw, creative music. Once upon a time the band generated music that made people think, feel, and question things. Maybe it will again soon.

    • Melissa

      Who cares about those people. Anyone who enjoyed Shinn is deaf!

      • 3p0nymuss

        All you #NeverShinn and #NeverEd people desperately need to go take a long walk off a short pier. The rest of us are here for the music, not to argue with you about how right you are.

        • Melissa

          Who is arguing??

          • 3p0nymuss


          • Melissa

            Yes. That is a sound. Good for you! 🙂

    • Billy

      Ultimately i believe they realized that they needed each other if they wanted continued success. Although many ppl did like The Turn, i wasn’t as enamored with their bringing in Shinn. I like both Live and Shinn and was very excited, but didn’t feel the combo.
      All we can hope is that Ed’s ego is back on earth again and they can put out some more albums.

      “Once upon a time the band generated music that made people think, feel, and question things” You said it perfectly.

  • Sheiky Baby

    Andre Agassi was in the band Live?

  • Raj

    I get a good chuckle everytime I read the line lead singer bonus, lol. Wtf is that?

  • Billy

    The Gracious Few album they did with Kevin Martin was pretty damn good tho, so with Shinn maybe it just wasn’t the right chemistry. That being said, i think that when u get a new singer or a new band member, the 2nd album should sound better as they have had more time to gel. Based on this announcement, Shinn won’t get that second shot.

    They just have to go into the studio with Ed and just get back to basics. Don’t worry about writing a hit single, just play on the themes of introspection and their perspectives of the world.