Corey Taylor Unloads On New Slipknot Member Ripoff


Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor was interviewed by BIG 100 radio personality, Bodhi recently. During the interview, Taylor discussed how the new Slipknot member – Tortilla Guy (whose real identity was reportedly revealed by his mother) got his name and how the fans are to thank for that. Following that, he touches on how the fans have been extremely receptive to Tortilla Man and revealing the level of dedication that some fans go to replicate their favorite food-masked rocker. Slipknot masks were banned from a concert last week for an awful reason. In addition, Taylor reveals how the public’s desire to find out the secret identity of Tortilla Guy has been like television to him. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Bodhi: You have to love the way the Tortilla Guy is making his mark with Slipknot.

Taylor: Ah DJT, TGI Fridays, man.

Bodhi: I love his intensity and energy. I watched the Des Moines show and that guy is all over the place. Who gave him the name Tortilla Guy?

Taylor: The fans did because of his mask. People thought that his mask looked like a tortilla. People would then cut holes in tortillas and put them on their faces. I was like:

“You all are nuts”

Taylor: I was getting the same thing with my mask and milk jugs. People were cutting out eyes be like:

“I’m Corey Taylor!”

Taylor: I’m like – are you out of your mind? That’s how crazy our fans are though. To make matters worse nobody knows who Tortilla Guy is so they are all like:

“So what are we just supposed to call him Tortilla Guy?”

Taylor: Yes, yes you are. Shut up and just call him that. So, it’s really perfect.

Bodhi: Everybody is so desperately trying to figure out who he is. A new Slipknot member shirtless photo was revealed a few days ago..

Taylor: Oh I know, Trust me, you think you got a good show? Imagine me just cackling like an idiot reading some of these guesses. I made the mistake of making a joke in an interview about a week ago saying it was Tito Puente.

Bodhi: [Laughing] Oh God.

Taylor: These idiots who have never heard of him before:

Oh, he totally said it was Tito Puente!”

Taylor: Tito Puente is very Googleable. Could you just Google him?

Bodhi: He’s probably, what in his Eighties?

Taylor: If he’s still alive at all! I don’t know, that was a name that I pulled out straight out of my ass. Then I have people clowning me:

“When will you make the announcement about Tito?”

The new Slipknot member was hit in the face by surprising name a couple of days ago.

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