Eddie Vedder Performs On Chris Cornell Anniversary


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder will perform live on May 18, 2021, the 4-year anniversary of Chris Cornell’s tragic death.

Vedder will perform at Theo Epstein and Peter Gammons’ Hot Stove Cool Music. Boston Celtics WYC Grousbeck, Bernie Williams, Bronson Arroyo, Peter Gammons, Juliana Hatfield, Bill Janowitz, Will Dailey & Kay Hanley will also appear.

100% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Foundation To Be Named Later. The online event will stream May 18, 2021 – 7pm EDT, PearlJamOnline.it reports.

Pearl Jam fans recently debated on the Ten Club board about when the band will return to touring. LastExit78 posted, “If waiting on the unvaccinated to see the light is the measure we use to get back to live shows go ahead and consider the most recent show you attended your last. Seriously, just not gonna happen. If the game plan is to protect those who refuse protection by continuing with restrictions be prepared for things to get really ugly in this country by late summer. Best of luck to those who simply say ‘follow the science’ as well.

Science is being manipulated by both sides to the extreme right now. Look at the difference in restrictions from state to state. I’m fully vaccinated and trust the science, would attend a show tonight and feel safe. But that’s not a decision I’m allowed to make and won’t be for the foreseeable future. This is not a society of self accountability, was at one time but that ship sailed. San Francisco county is trending at like 20 cases a day yet restaurants are barely allowed to even be open. In D.C. you can’t even dance at private weddings. To expect full blown concerts anytime soon is comical. See you all in 2022 but more likely ‘23 or ‘24.”

Weston1283 responded, “There will be concerts in 2021 and a full return to indoor venues in early 2022. We can argue all we want, but let me know in September when SeaHearNow goes ahead full force if you still feel this way.”