Watch Eddie Vedder Pie Pearl Jam Bandmate In Face, Was He Pissed?


During Pearl Jam’s show earlier this week in London at the O2 arena, the band celebrated Stone Gossard’s birthday a few days early onstage.

The forum recap by Sea and John says: “Ed wants to acknowledge a couple of birthdays. One is the bands chef, Sam, who is brought on stage and the other is Stone Gossard who is having a birthday shortly after the tour. Ed gets the audience to sing them Happy Birthday and the cake is mashed into Stone and Sam. Stone is temporarily blinded and struggles a bit. Ed has to help him wipe cake off. Ed tells us, ‘There were two candles and one went into his left eye and the other went into his right eye, can you carry on Stone? Getting old is a bitch! This song is about sharing wine and cake.'”

Pearl Jam then performed “Crazy Mary”. Watch video below of the hilarious birthday celebration.

Vedder had another nice moment with fans according to the show recap: “Because of the press of the crowd Ed asks Kille to turn up the lights so he can see and asks the band to slow down. The band slows and gets quiet. EV implores the audience to take three steps back on the count of three. For me it would be a beautiful thing and for you. He counts it off and the audience does as he requests. When things are calm the band finishes the song at full speed and volume.”

  • Olga Stewart

    And it would have also been Chris Cornell’s birthday tomorrow. :(.

  • Dude McDuderson

    …”and it was heartbreaking” .