Eddie Vedder’s 10 Biggest Trump Insults In New Pearl Jam Song


Pearl Jam released their new single “Can’t Deny Me” on Saturday, the band’s first new song in five years. While the band have not discussed the meaning of the song, based on the single cover art and the band’s liberal political views, many are assuming the song is about President Donald Trump. Below are ten lyrics that appear to be insulting the President of the United States.

1. And now you want me to breathe, And be so grateful

2. You may be rich, but you can’t deny me

3. You can’t control, and you can’t deny me

4. Your eyes are sick, you’re sick and evite

5. You try to talk down to me, my mind it ain’t so simple

6. Where’s your vocabulary, your ignorance is sinful

7. You plant the liar’s seeds, Watch as your ruse take hold

8. The country you are now poisoning, condition critical!

9. You got nothing to hide, let the bullshit walk

10. We see right thru you, and you can’t deny me!

The band contributed “Obey The Law Of The Heart” to the Basmati Blues soundtrack last year but it didn’t feature Eddie Vedder on lead vocals, it was largely a Stone Gossard creative vehicle.

Pearl Jam’s last album was 2013’s Lightning Bolt. The band are set to tour South America, Europe, and North America this year. Listen to a clip of “Can’t Deny Me” below, and listen to the full song on PearlJam.com if you are a Ten Club member.

  • Daz72

    Give it a rest Eddie.

    • plastics!

      Outspoken social commentary is exactly what Pearl Jam is known for. They’re no more opinionated than Bob Dylan, John Lennon or Neil Young ever were. Maybe try Kid Rock or Ted Nugent if you can’t handle a little protest music.

      • Daz72

        Patronising prick. Kiss my arse.

  • Eddie Yarler

    Why does this sound like a less rhythmic version of Getaway to me? Its so hard not to start singing the holy rollers lyric when I play this

  • Ryan

    A guy in his mid 50s. Crying and complaining because the election didnt go his way. He pulled this same carp with Bush. Tired of this guy. PJ hate half of there audience. They should denounce them. But they won’t $$$$.

    • Stifler’s Mom

      I never got the feeling that Pearl Jam hate half of the audience.
      But let’s be honest, if you voted for Bush or Trump you don’t belong in the PJ audience to begin with. They have been vehemently political ever since the Ten days. Evenflow (1991) ends with Eddie growling “Never vote Republican.” They’ve had the same message since Day One, when it would have been more lucrative ($$$$) to stay apolitical.

      • Daz72

        Stop talking shit. People can separate the music they listen to from politics.

  • TheWrathofCaan

    Thank God some rock bands are still writing songs about real issues. Pearl Jam has been making social statements ever since 1991. My respect to ANY artist who can take a subject like homelessness (Evenflow), domestic abuse (Go, Animal, Rearviewmirror) or gun violence (Jeremy, Glorified G) and turn it into a hit single. I’m glad they finally got around to writing a song about Trump.

    Thank you PJ for 27 years of smart, angry, opinionated rock and roll.

    • Maria Morris

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