Watch Stone Temple Pilots Let 9-Year Old Kid Front Band


Stone Temple Pilots let a 9-year old kid sing lead vocals on “Dead and Bloated” at a show in Phoenix on Saturday night. You can watch the video below.

Stone Temple Pilots are set to release their new self-titled album on March 16th, their first album with new singer Jeff Gutt. Eric Kretz discussed the recording process in a new Cryptic Rock interview.

“In some ways it was similar to other ways, but in some ways it was new. It was similar because we have been messing around with the recording of some the material at the same time we were auditioning with singers. We said, ‘Okay, we have a few months, lets go record this song and this song.’ We had a good idea of how to arrange songs even before we had the affirmative melody in there.

When it was time to give Jeff the high-fives and hugs that he is in the band, we were over at my studio, got together 5-7 days a week, kept writing, writing, and writing. It was so effortless how we could just jam and put stuff together, like some real fun songs such as ‘Middle of Nowhere’ and a few others. They came together really quickly, it was a lot of fun. When we got to record them it was kind of the same process, we already had the arrangement of the songs. We got down to recording the tracks, put down the vocals, guitar solos, and off to mixing and mastering world.

Like I said, some of the process was similar but some was different than over the years. In the early days of STP we would go into a rehearsal room for about a month, put together the whole record, and go to the studio and record it. This time around, the studios we used were my studio and Robert has a studio as well; between the two we put together the whole record. That part of it was just a little different. We still have all the same recording equipment that we used in the days of Core. Everything is just in a home setting now opposed to driving out to Northridge in the valley of Los Angeles.”

Wicked Garden
Lounge Fly
Army Ants
Big Empty
Interstate Love Song
Still Remains
Hollywood Bitch
Roll Me Under
Dead And Bloated
Sex Type Thing
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Piece of Pie