Ex-Drummer Reveals What ‘Bugs’ Him About Pearl Jam Today


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese recently answered fan questions on Facebook.

I know maybe you wont answer, and maybe you will☺. I was obsessed with pj. I mean to this day…I still listen to ten, vs and of course one the best albums that there is Vitalogy. So my question is: why is it I dont feel them anymore? Why? Could the drums only change the music so much…that it changes the connection I had with the rest of the band? Hope you get my question…cause mate I cant listen to them anymore and it buggs me a lot!!!!

It bugs me, too.
I dont know how to answer your question. One thing is for sure, it changed.

Do you prefer touring or work in the studio?
Which is the best advice for a drummer before to record?

I love them both for different reasons. As for part two of your question, I advise all drummers to be prepared. Play with confidence and pride.

Alternative Nation recently reported:

There are new rumors on the Ten Club forums regarding Pearl Jam’s rumored summer 2018 North American tour dates.

Ando posted:

Just got a text from a friend very very high up the ladder at Safeco telling me to plan on visiting him this summer! He apologized he couldn’t give me dates yet but said it would be announced soon! No bs, just thought I’d let everyone know it sounds official

disilluzion posted:

Something is happening in Wrigleyville on the 18th. Hotel prices are crazy for that night. Hotel booked!

Savara posted advice on getting tickets:

To further clarify, no it is not a lock to get seats at all. Some people score tickets to 3 or 4 shows, some get shut out of everything. It’s part needing good luck and it’s also part using your choices wisely.

In all cases (assuming things stay the same as previous) – they will have GA and reserved selections for each show. In all cases, they divy up those particular sections to people who used their first choice on that selection. If there are still tickets remaining after the first choice people have all been taken care of, then they will start to give those out to people who used their 2nd choice on that selection. And so on if tickets are still available after the 2nd choice people have been taken care of.

Just a warning – in most cases in the USA shows, you only have a chance at GA in the first choice because more people will put in for GA than tickets are available. Picking GA with your first choice is a bit of a gamble, especially in high demand shows. Your chances might be way less than 50%, and if you do lose, that’s a possible path to getting totally shut out. If you want the best chance to get seats, use your first choice for reserved tickets. That will rarely lose. and yes, if you get reserved tickets, they then give out the best seats to the low ten club number members, with the newest members getting the worst seats.

So assuming you are trying for multiple shows, and that they use the same GA/Reserved system as in the recent past…it’s usually a good idea to use your 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices on Reserved selections. Picking Safeco GA with your 2nd choice is likely going to be a wasted 2nd choice, because the GA will likely be sold out to the people who used a first choice on Safeco GA.

  • Duncan Bishop

    A triumph of uninteresting content based on a single sentence, two unrelated stories mashed together and terrible formatting. That Pulitzer Prize can’t be far off now.

    • Corndog

      Well that’s just mean man. Holiday season and everything. You probably just broke Brett’s heart.

      • Duncan Bishop

        Probably melted it…

    • Ryan

      This really is Brett’s bread and butter. I have a theory that if he didn’t write this tripe he would somehow just deflate slowly in front of his loved ones.

    • FM KC

      Really he did admit to being a slow news period several times already. Not hard to gather that anyway, even breaking news are reruns at this time. Keep it light tho, just a music site covering a not-so-booming industry. Bigger/richer outlets are struggling, Brett is doing his best to have daily traffic.

      • Duncan Bishop

        You still need to have some basic standards though -and maybe only one story per piece, however small.

  • timmy hendero

    Dave A, who cares what you think and the fan asking the question seems to only be a PJ fan at the height of their popularity, they are actually better now then ever before

    • Corndog

      No offense intended, but to say Pearl Jam are better now than they have ever been is just nonsense.

      Much as I enjoyed their last 3 albums, compare them to their first 3 and they don’t even come close. Still a great live band but again, go watch some older concerts and there is no comparison. Eddie can’t sing live for shit now. His once powerful voice could make your soul shiver but it’s now a pale imitation of its former self. I hate saying that but it’s the truth. That being said, he’s still my favourite singer and likely always will be.

      • FM KC

        He lost something, he picked something else. I know you mean range and power. But they only come second now to expression and intimacy as pitches vibrate more sluggishly. Think Johnny Cash. How vulnerable and frail his voice is on the last album, yet his best record ever. Objectively Eddie’s voice is so unique he can really top that decades from now. God let us be around for Eddie’s last album!

      • timmy hendero

        agree but disagree, of course they are not the same band as the early days they have all evolved over the years. Personally i like the stage they are in now and in the past 10+ yrs then before. Vedder if anything can sing more harmonies and pitches then he did before, he was not known for much range back then rather the growling vocals. All around he is better singer now then he was then

        • Corndog

          I think that we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Personally i think that he was a much better singer before he lost all the power in his voice.