Family Guy Mocks ‘Baby Man’ Billy Corgan In Brutal Clip


During last night’s episode of Family Guy, the show took a brutal shot at Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. It was definitely nothing like Corgan’s Simpsons appearance 20 years ago.

In the episode, Peter Griffin is sitting in his car thinking about a math equation and a thought bubble pops up with numbers as Peter tries to think. His thought bubble is interrupted though by a photo of Billy Corgan at Disneyland with “Mad World” playing. Peter then says, “Whoops, I stopped thinking about Math and started thinking about baby man Billy Corgan being sad at Disneyland.”

In July 2015 a photo went viral of Corgan on a ride at Disneyland, and mean spirited hipsters made fun of Corgan for not smiling in the photo on online blogs. The photo was taken without Corgan knowing he was being photographed.

Watch a clip of Family Guy’s shot at Corgan below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.30.30 PM

Corgan discussed his experience at Disneyland in a 2015 fan Q&A.

“I literally had somebody say to me the other day, I think it was at DisneyLand: ‘Hey, you don’t seem that into this.’ I was like, ‘I’m at fucking Disneyland. I just want to hang out at Disneyland. I’m not here to do a meet and greet, I’m here to be at Disneyland.’ You know what I’m saying? But it’s almost like, ‘Well you’re here, and I’m here, and because I’m on my vacation, your vacation, you’re part of my vacation.’ It’s like, I’m not working, and I wasn’t being unpleasant, I wasn’t being rude. I was taking pictures with people, I took a picture with every person that asked. But then it gets into, what’s in your head? Like, you’re not smiling enough, or you don’t seem to be enjoying – and I’m like, what the fuck do you want from me?

“That’s when it gets like, are you paying me? On whose dime are we on here? Because we have so much celebrity culture that is servile, ‘I’ll say whatever you want. I’ll make sure I take just the right selfie so I look better than I really look.’ I don’t want any part in that, that’s not interesting. So if that means one person has to walk away and go, ‘He’s doesn’t seem like he’s in a good mood,’ and they never go to a show again, I mean, they’re not really a fan, so that’s just the way it goes.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Ole Bitter’s not known for having much self deprecation or a sense of humor about anything related to Bitter. He needs to step up here, laugh at it, make fun of it, etc.

  • Eddie Yarler

    God damn, I used to like Family Guy back in the day but was that even a joke? Why did he have to explain it, just the pic and song would have sufficed. They made fun of Creed not too long ago also. I guess family guy thinks the current year is 2000.

  • qisto

    you must like rick and morty. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Corndog

    Yes. Yes i do. This current season though, not so much. Feels like they have ran out of ideas.

  • Clint

    Time to axe the show not even relevant. Billy corgan has so much more talent than everyone involved in that show combined. Not cool family guy.