Hailey Bieber Is Unrecognizable In Haircut Photos


Wife of Justin Bieber has decided that she is going to cut her hair. It could be in preparation for the summertime heat. Turns out Bieber’s wife opted for a shorter bob cut.

According to People, Hailey is having fun. After starting the year by chopping her long hair into a shorted do, the Rhode founder decided to play with her hairstyle once again by debuting an even shorter this Friday.

Dressed in a bright orange, skin-tight outfit by Yves Saint Laurent, the 26-year-old model proudly posed for a fun set of mirror selfies that gave different angles of the stylish bob cut.

In a separate video in her Instagram post, she played with the chin-length hair as she smiled from ear to ear, overjoyed with excitement. Before opting for the shorter bob style haircut, she shared that “short = more fun 🍭🍭🍭” in another post that gave a close-up of her evolving hairstyle.

Her hairstylist, Amanda Lee Capomaccio whom she tagged in Friday’s post, has also enjoyed the model’s ever-changing hairdos.

In a collection of snaps the model shared on her Instagram page, Capomaccio said she was “obsessed” with the hairstyle. In another post, she wrote, “honestly this is my favorite hair we’ve maybe ever done @haileybieber ILYSM my short hair queeeeen 😍.”