Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Takes Blame For Natural Disaster


Foo Fighters performed yesterday at Mt. Smart Stadium in Auckland, and Dave Grohl took the blame for the band causing a natural disaster there several years ago.

“The only city we’ve ever played where the Foo Fighters’ show triggered a fucking earthquake,” he screamed.

When the Foo Fighters played at Western Springs in 2011, the concert registered on Geo Net’s monitoring station. They literally caused an earthquake by rocking so hard!

This time around, Foo Fighters may have stopped the rain in Auckland, as it had been pouring before the band took the stage.

“It’s a beautiful day to play a rock show,” Grohl announced according to

His sarcastic joke was taken as more of a commandment from his devoted fans – as is everything he says.

All he needed to do was point and the entire Mt Smart field would jump.

He left the fans pleading for more, ordering his band not to “give them too much”.

Dave Grohl made the journey out into the centre of the park only twice during the set, saying he had been hesitant to “walk the cat walk” in such miserable weather. But, once he got out, he couldn’t help but play the crowd.