Axl Rose Stunning New Haircut Revealed, Is He Bald?


Axl Rose debuted a new short haircut at Guns N’ Roses’ first 2019 show at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday in a new photo album you can view, and he looks fantastic! Axl Rose’s ex-wife was recently spotted with a Guns N’ Roses family member.

ChildOfTheMoon said on, “His hair looks fine, much better than that weird previous version that wasn’t long enough or short enough. That’s what happens when you’re old, hair just doesn’t grow that long. At least he is not bald.”

PartySlammer wrote in a review, “Just got back from tonights show. To give a bit of perspective, this was the 9th time seeing them, first being when they opened for The Lords Of The New Church back in early ’86 at Fenders Ballroom, last being in 2006 during the Universal Amphitheater run when Izzy guested for a 3rd of the super long set.

Anyway, tonight’s show was good up through about 2/3rds of the set. The last 3rd dragged quite a bit mostly because of the pacing of the tunes included. I’m aware this was a mildly condensed version of the arena/stadium set but I have to say, if I paid good money to see this especially at a crappy stadium, I would have been bored much of the show and probably pissed afterwords. The major thing that made this a good show was the setting (the Palladium) and the band itself. I’ve never been disappointed musically by whatever lineup Axl has surrounded himself with, hell I thought the 12/19/06 show with Bumblefoot and Co was actually better performed than the ’92 UYI tour LA Coliseum show I saw.

A Van Halen icon savagely called out Axl Rose recently. PartySlammer added, “I got to the Palladium and parked just before 8pm when they were just about to start letting people in. The line wrapped almost completely around the block the Palladium and it’s parking lot is on and it took almost exactly an hour to get in. I saw one guy selling a few hard tickets for about $300+ each. I didn’t hear anything about a ticket drop earlier in the afternoon. Once inside, the place filled up really quick and by about 10pm, people were starting to get restless.

There were a *lot* of trashed people stumbling around, puking in the restroom well before the show started. Close to 10:30, band came on and launched into It’s So Easy and the crowd was into it and the band and Axl sounded pretty impressive. Slash especially sounded awesome. Fortus was often so low in the mix it sounded at times like a one guitarist band. I noticed the keyboard chick was really helping on backup vox when Axl was hitting higher notes.

What quickly became a weird distraction was *every* instrumental break, guitar solo, etc, Axl would duck off stage into this little black tent on the side of the stage. Often, he’d come out in a new shirt or a hat or whatever. I think he changed clothes more than Stevie Nicks w/Fleetwood Mac.” Dave Grohl rejected a surprising Guns N’ Roses member recently.