Foo Fighters Member Reveals Drugs He Used: ‘Very Self-Destructive’


Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith has been in the news recently for heavily criticizing Dave Grohl, and claiming he played a role in Sunny Day Real Estate never releasing their fifth album, though he later clarified his statement with additional reasoning, while still throwing shade at Grohl. This new story has led to Foo Fighters fans resurfacing an interview that Goldsmith did on The Trap Set with Joe Wong in 2016 that was not circulated at all in the press at the time.

Goldsmith revealed that he used ‘every’ drug you can imagine when he was younger, except for heroin. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“What kind of drugs wasn’t I getting into? I never did heroin, never did heroin, but I did just about everything else, but not regularly. It was drinking that was pretty much the main thing.”

He said earlier during the interview, “I didn’t drink until I was 21, but man, then I drank. I came to realize why I drank so much is because that anxiety I was talking about, it turns out I had something called panic disorder, and it was such severe anxiety that you would literally feel like you’re going to die. You would feel like your lungs are going to collapse, that you had throat cancer, and you felt like it was manifesting itself physically to where I would go to the emergency room thinking I was dying over and over.

So I drank, about three drinks or beers in, whatever it was, that’s when I would feel relief from that horrible sense of anxiety and actually have freedom from it, so I’d want to stay there, so I would keep drinking, and I would always end up blacked out and wake up the next day saying: ‘Oh shit, what did you do?’”

“I look at myself back then and it’s so hard for me to even wrap my head around who that person was. I can’t even believe it. I’m just like, man, wow. I mean completely, very, very self-destructive. I don’t think that I had a very good foundation as far as my own sort of opinion of myself. My foundation as far as that was concerned wasn’t strong.”

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