Frances Bean Cobain On Why She Is ‘Fascinated’ With Satanism


Frances Bean Cobain recently made a post on Instagram that explained why she is ‘fascinated’ with Satanists. She wrote, “Zeena Schreck LaVey daughter of Anton LaVey (I’m not a satanist but I find them fucking fascinating).”

Zeena Schreck LaVey daughter of Anton LaVey (I'm not a satanist but I find them fucking fascinating)

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Cobain also attended Comic Con in San Diego over the weekend, see photos below.

Jamin on the back of a slow ass bicycle #comicconchronicles @abreealoren

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#ComicConChronicles @abreealoren

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A photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

Courtney Love’s former private investigator and Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theorist Tom Grant recently shared his thoughts exclusively with Alternative Nation about Courtney Love’s former manager Sam Lufti being accused of kidnapping Frances Bean Cobain’s estranged husband Isaiah Silva.

“My main concern with this story is that Sam Lutfi, a creepy guy with a history of taking over the lives and finances of vulnerable celebrities, does not gain financial or mental control over Frances Bean Cobain. Frances is a young lady who has been the victim of brainwashing since the day her father died. Regardless of what she’s been taught about me and father’s death, Frances is as much of a victim here as Isaiah Silva. I am deeply concerned for her well-being.”

Tom Grant recently was involved in the Soaked in Bleach docudrama, and his website is is reporting that Frances Bean Cobain’s estranged husband and Eeries frontman Isaiah Silva was recently kidnapped. Sam Lutfi— who was once accused of drugging and emotionally abusing Britney Spears during her public meltdown— is now being investigated for allegedly kidnapping and robbing Silva, can exclusively reveal.

According to Los Angeles Police Department documents obtained by Radar, the onetime manager of Cobain’s mother, Courtney Love, and an accomplice “grabbed” Silva and “carried him to his car” at around 12:45 am on June 3.

“Victim [was] in fear for [his] life,” the investigative report reads. “He did not want to go with suspects.” Silva’s police report also claims $800 of his property, including his cell phone, was stolen. His damages are estimated at $3,000.

Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva are currently in the process of getting a divorce.

Click here to read the police report.

  • Raj

    Satan is bad mkay, probably watched the Exorcist or The Omen too many times.

  • Felonious Punk


  • Katie

    It’s easy to tell she is very young. LaVey was a drug & alcohol addled Huckster just like L. Ron Hubbard, both extremely talented at self-promotion and controlling others. Once she grows up a bit and actually reads *The Satanic Bible* and *The Satanic Witch*, hopefully she’ll toss both tomes in the garbage – where they belong. Or at least recycle them at a used book store so others may come to the same conclusion.

    • full sail

      SO VERY TRUE AND SHE NEEDS TO SEE THE SCIENTOLOGY DOC : “Going Clear” before hanging with the coven any longer. So many young girls flirt with things that end them up like Kirsty Alley. The occult and scientology are really sciences about the self. Its such nasty BS . I see Frances hanging with some pink pastel type witches- so very (insta-sad-gram)!! Why Frances? Why????
      She needs to get away from the coven of vultures and get smart like Lisa Marie did. I sincerely hope she meets Lisa Marie someday. Lisa would make an awesome mother and guardian angel for Frances. Lisa overcame a horrendous shit marriage/shit religion and crazy hanger-ons. Lisa is also daughter of great musician and has dealt with alot of stalkers/people who tried to get her to drink the cool aide. I LOVE that Lisa is writing a book to tell all the Scientology freaks to kiss her ASS.

    • Yup. It’s all silly kid’s stuff. She’ll grow out of it.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    plese you don’t go to dark way anymore.

  • full sail

    FUUDDGGEE!! SOAK that Sh8t in bleach!!!!! This poor child needs a mother like yesterday. SAD FOR HER. THOSE SatanistBITCHES ARE KNOWN TO HAVE COLLECTED AND DISPOSED OF ALOT OF THE MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN (KIDS ON MILD CARTONS). The satanists try to sell self empowerment just like most of the occult. Its BS to the thousandth power.. The only self empowerment is to know the truth. Wanna know the truth? How do most satanists and witches look by the time they reach 60? Yea. Vince Neal. That’s all the fucking evidence you need to run from that sh8t.

    • Mark Stahl

      I’m pushing 50 and I’m healthier, happier, and have a better outlook on life than most people my age. Oh, and I’m a practicing occultist. The things you attribute to occultism/witchcraft/satanism are more the consequences of a heavy alcohol/drug lifestyle. Scientologists? Yeah, they are lame. Hubbard twisted documents he stole for his own benefit into what that organization became. You could try waking up and doing some actual research on what it’s really about, or continue to buy into the “Satanic Panic” BS that was pushed in the late 80s by evangelicals trying to make a buck.

      • full sail

        Does doing actual research include being present for numerous full scale exorcisms of people desperately trying to be released from the evil shit that gets you when you screw around? I have spent decades seeing what happens to the people sucked into the self empowerment bullshit that stuff preaches. BULLSHIT. ONLY TRUTH is empowering. its suicidal to be so fucking naive and not at least observe the aftereffects of those who DO manage to get the hell out. ANY cult is the dumbest russian roulette. Sadly people think the story of The Exorcist was entertainment. Why dont occultists question the source of their empowerment a little fucking more? Too naive for me to even understand. Look up what happened to Mary Lincoln. First Lady was committed to mental hospital- she was an occultist for years. There are troves of abused and discarded ex occultists right now rotting in mental wards because sadly the DSM doesn’t fucking acknowledge the spiritual realm. At least be cynical and intelligent enough to research occult “aftereffects”… realize just how fucking disempowering it all is. When your drooling on yourself perfectly possessed in a padded cell. Mrs Lincoln was there and lots of occultists have gone simply mad trying to outrun the spiritual trash that WILL NOT LEAVE once you open that door. There are obscure historical books on this. But seriously, keep a more natural and healthy cynicism before you go into that shit any more. If something is too good to be true, its a LIE. Look up Mary Todd Lincoln. The first of many to go fuckin nuts after spiritualism. You have to start by finding a compassionate priest and let someone else fight the battle for you. you WILL see things happen guaranteed.

        • Mark Stahl

          Science and medicine have come a long way in the last few hundred years. Really! If you look at how things were diagnosed then vs now, you can find countless examples of chemical imbalances (naturally occurring and treatable today with medication) and psychological issues (whether from abuse or cognitive dissonance – treatable today with therapy and/or medication) that were regularly diagnosed as suffering “demonic possession.” The biggest ‘spiritualists’ before 1875 were hucksters out to make a buck at the public’s expense. Modern “witchcraft” didn’t exist before the 1940s. Modern “satanism” didn’t exist before the 1960s and was merely a license for hedonism. But in the late 1800s, the realms of magick and mysticism retrieved a great boost by the likes of WW Westcott and MacGregor Mathers. This was expanded in the 1900s with the writings of Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, and Dion Fortune. More recent writers include Margot Adler, Lon DuQuette, and Linda Falorio. We’re all about individual freedoms and rights. I march with thousands in the movement of which I am a part. Are some of us damaged? Sure. But we were damaged by the system we came from, NOT the system we’re in. For example: most of your attitudes on occultism are likely shaped by how the churches you grew up in interpreted Mike Warnke’s book “The Satan Seller.” In this book, Warnke details years of ‘satanic rituals’ he purportedly practiced and human sacrifice he claims to have witnessed. The book was embraced by Evangelical Christianity as truth. THOUGH IT HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY DEBUNKED AS FALSE, it opened the floodgates of ‘boogeyman satanism,’ suggesting that they were out there lurking, waiting for you (or your CHILD!) to be caught alone and unaware to capture you and either recruit you (or SACRIFICE you) to that ‘evil nether demon.’ It got picked up by daytime talk shows. Then the ‘repressed memories of satanic ritual abuse brought back through hypnotism’ thing started happening. ALSO DEBUNKED. As law enforcement started embracing these theories, we wound up with the travesty that was the WM3 case (these teens wear black t-shirts with pentagrams on them, listen to heavy metal, and read books about magick – they MUST be murderers). This is the kind of thing that drove us to where we are now. I practice a system that allows for (and embraces) advances in science. We advocate for the rights of those disenfranchised by your system. We’re fine. We’re good. We’re not going anywhere. Hold on tight: change hurts if you’re not willing to let it happen. So let it happen.

          • full sail

            1. I am praying for you
            2. Try this: statistically it takes about 30 minutes of prayer to expel/repel any possible spritual attachment. With not one but at least two intercessory prayers happening simultaneously.
            3. Are you not curious to see the other side of the fence to check yourself if you have been infested?
            4. Jesus knows whos for real and whos a bullshitter. So you can’t get loose from spiritual contamination without a sincere heart.
            5. FOr God’s sake please try just try an anointing once and see what happens– you will know within 30 minutes if you are under control of coercive spirit.
            6. All I was trying to tell you is that there are occultists who have survived and come out clean. And so many of your statements are presumptive. Like I grew up in the church. You have no clue my personal history.
            7. Try to have a natural and more healthy cynicism about channeling powers from unseen sources. Its mind boggling to me how people are so gullible.
            8. You will not know if you are contaminated unless you at least (out of curiousity) try to divorce yourself from any and all possessing spirits. Then you will know just how much satan loves you.
            9. Those butt ugly and plastic “Christian” evangelicals are satan’s little helpers. Jesus knows whos for real. The fakes the greedy the politicians are the most disturbed liars who use scripture to embarrass themselves and the faith.
            10. I am praying for you. Satans only power is in his power to hide, disguise the truth and make false promises (especially self empowerment).
            11. If you aren’t willing to at least educate yourself about the people who divorced the occult, then you my friend could be yet another puppet on the leash. Christ can cut those strings if you are sincere and willing to fight (non stop). I sincerely hope you are willing to at least TRY a short exorcism and NOT on your own . Expect attacks if you try to leave the occult. It WILL happen but Christ will not abandon you.
            12. Please at least educate yourself about the life story of those who tried to escape the occult so that you at the least know the ramifications of dabbling with unseen powers. Yes, those are angels, but those are fallen angels who have nothing else to do!! It has been very well documented what happened to Mary TOdd Lincoln when she obsessively tried to contact her deceased sons through the occult. ***Look into the writings of Father Malachi Martin (or even his online interviews on youtube) you will NOT be disappointed.

  • full sail

    Dont get feminism confused with witchcraft or satanism. Feminism is finding your own voice- not applying spells and shit like makeup (like Courtney did). TRUTH is empowerment. Just look at what these occultist look like when they age. LIke the wicked witch of the west AFTER she’s been watered down. Melting plastic surgery and trollish hideousness. Fucking slobs know they can only recruit the young and naive. the ones who are inexperienced.

  • tray

    She does that stupid looking thing with her plastic surgery lips in every single picture that is taken of her. I think it’s called “duck face,” or something.

    • Corndog

      I was just thinking exactly the same thing, but it’s ok, because she always balances it out with a middle finger.

      God i can’t stand this girl…

  • dakotablue

    Anton LaVey was a joke.

  • Jenn

    Anton Lavey just comes off as one of those Toxic Alpha Male types.

    “The obsession with alpha status is – more often than not – an obsession born out of insecurity. A person who spends all of his time trying to be alpha is someone who doesn’t have a strong emotional foundation; he is too busy seeking validation by trying to get others to acknowledge his position.” –

    That quote was from an article about toxic alpha types in the dating world. But I think it’s appropriate for Anton. Anyone obbseesed with power is masking insecurity and is not a healthy individual to be in tangled with.