Mick Jagger Girlfriend Reveals Disease Weight Loss


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger‘s ex-girlfriend Marianne Faithfull is getting her own movie starring Lucy Boynton, who played Freddie Mercury’s girlfriend Mary Austin in Bohemian Rhapsody. Faithfull was a famous singer herself, and she also was a muse for some of the biggest The Rolling Stones hits. According to Deadline.com, she had a drug problem and was ‘homeless and anorexic’ during the worst time of her life. She later made a comeback both personally and professionally. A stunning Mick Jagger and Prince secret was revealed a couple of days ago.

Fans on the Shidoobee Rolling Stones forum are getting impatient waiting for the band’s rumored new album. Mr. Lawyer posted, “They can’t be together off stage and that is why we got very little the past decades. They simply are not friends and can’t collaborate on anything other than the live show. A pity on what coulda shoulda been.”

Keith Richards nearly dying on a plane was detailed yesterday. David Unplugged responded, “I agree, and it’s such a shame. The two main components both bring something ‘special’ to the mix when they collaborate – I like Keith’s albums but there’s something missing and without Keith’s influence I tend to find Mick’s solo efforts to soul and disco orientated. There’s definitely a restraining influence when they work together!

Having said that, Townsend is still the only real songwriter within The Who. Daltrey never attended the studios once in London when Townsend and the other collaborators were putting the tracks down and recorded the vocals elsewhere. The results were then put together in another location by the production team. The two hardly ever meet and come together minutes before a show. So with that in mind you do think The Stones could get something together!” Motley Crue revealed a brutal Mick Jagger rum and coke secret last week.