Frances Bean Cobain Shares Hot And Sweaty Workout Video


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has shared a new video of herself workout out. In the video, Cobain is jogging at Runyan Canyon in the Hollywood Hills with her trainer Mandee Miller.

On her website, Miller describes her training program.

“My fitness journey began early on when I discovered how much I loved moving my body, whether it was in musical theatre productions or organized sports. From learning production choreography and executing team plays to training my voice as part of my B.S. in Music, I have always felt a passion for movement training and how the human body works. After graduating from Bradley University in Illinois, I parlayed those movement skills into a career teaching group fitness, and became a certified Personal Trainer through N.P.T.I., with an emphasis in biomechanics, anatomy, and the physiology of corrective postural alignment. In 2009, I started my personal training business in Chicago, incorporating Pilates mat exercise as well as functional and traditional resistance training. Long a practitioner and lover of yoga, in 2014 I completed the Yogaview 200-hour teacher training in Chicago and began teaching group and private yoga classes as well.

For my personal training clients, I have developed a one-of-a-kind personalized program called Fusion Fitness. This comprehensive training methodology incorporates the core work, flexibility and therapeutics of Pilates and yoga with the muscle development and fat burning of traditional resistance and HIIT training. Fusion Fitness is fully customizable and perfect for individuals or small training groups as well as larger corporate wellness programs. This way of training can be tooled to emphasize specific goals such as fat loss, endurance gain, stress relief, mindfulness, flexibility, or all of the above.”

You can watch video of Cobain and Miller working out below.

  • Trovoid

    You’re getting me worked up over here, Brett!

    From shirtless Billy to sweaty Frances.. I need to go take a cold shower now.

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