Slash Reveals Rock Icon Secretly Joined Guns N’ Roses


During a new radio interview with Detroit radio station 101 WRIF, the iconic lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses Slash discussed the rumors that at one point in time Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and Black Label Society founder, Zakk Wylde was rumored to join Slash and Axl Rose in Guns N’ Roses as they worked on a new album. Alternative Nation transcribed Slash’s comments.

Slash: Yeah, there’s some truth to that. Right before I left, I guess this was in 1996 but Guns N’ Roses was rehearsing at this place called The Complex in Santa Monica, California. I’d always been buddies with Zakk [Wylde] but in the certain context of Guns N’ Roses, it’s some weird kind of thing. We [inaudible] for a little bit but it just wasn’t working. Not because of Zakk but just in general, it just wasn’t working. Pretty soon after that, I was gone.

Host: I think Axl [Rose] called it a two-headed snake. Two really good guitar players going at it at the same time. [laughs] 

Slash: Well you know, I think it was one of those desperate moves at the time when something needed to happen it was just a crazy idea that happened. I think it would of been a little bit over the top if Zakk and myself were out there. 

Host: I gotcha.

Slash: Cool nonetheless.  

During the same interview, Slash revealed a shocking story about a time wherein one scene in the controversial Motley Crue movie, The Dirt played out in real life. Here, Slash describes a drug score gone awry. 

Host: Now, I know that you’ve talked about this before but you’ve seen “The Dirt” and stuff, is that supposed to be you in that one scene with Nikki [Sixx]?


Slash: [Laughing] Yeah, yeah. Actually, I talked to Nikki and he told me that there was something in the movie before I saw it. I’ve taken an [inaudble] or something and I saw the movie and went: “oh yeah, yeah”. I mean, there is some truth to that. We were staying at the Franklin Apartments and Nikki, myself, Steven Adler, and my friend Mark Mansfield had gone to the Cathouse.

Mark had known we were getting some smack and we went back to the Franklin Apartments. I was drunk so I just passed out and my girlfriend had woke me up telling me that Nikki had O.D.’d and was in the next apartment over. Mark Mansfield, the one who had the smack then took off, the paramedics came and they had to put me in the shower so I was coherent enough and it ruined the whole thing.

In the new Netflix Motley Crue biopic ‘The Dirt,’ actors portraying Guns N’ Roses members, Slash and Steven Adler are seen high on heroin with the actor playing Nikki Sixx in a scene that takes place on December 23, 1987 at the Franklin Plaza Hotel. It’s unclear what in the scene is exactly true, as the film takes a lot of creative liberties.