Frances Bean Reveals What Kurt Cobain Faked For Courtney Love


Frances Bean Cobain discussed her parents Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s marriage in a new Independent interview. The interview was conducted in conjunction with the new Growing Up Kurt Cobain exhibit.

Frances Bean Cobain says Courtney is “supportive” of the exhibition as she “recognises that it’s their version of Kurt and this is not reflective of her husband – it’s reflective of her son and her brother. Who she knew was a very different person than who they intimately knew.”

She adds, “I also think Kurt tended to put on a facade with Courtney a little bit. He tended to play up certain aspects of his mystery and his darkness because it was trying to match her mystery and her darkness, and that’s awesome and that’s what they had.”

However, she says “he didn’t get to choose” which Kurt his mother and sister saw, “With my grandmother and my aunt that was just who he was and who they knew him to be. It’s important this exhibition is reflective of that. This is his childhood and it’s coming from a pure place.”

Growing Up Kurt Cobain runs until September 30th at the Museum of Style Icons. Tickets can be booked now at