Ted Nugent Drops Hillary Clinton Affair Bombshell


Ted Nugent recently blasted Dee Snider for seemingly celebrating the fact that the controversial rocker was diagnosed with the virus that caused the global pandemic. It was noted that after Nugent went public with the fact that he was battling with the disease causing pandemic in April 2021, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick shared a couple of headlines highlighting the fact that Nugent was previously spreading false information about the pandemic, only to contract the virus himself and become severely sick.

Snider shared Skolnick’s tweet and included the following message: “It’s just…so…beautiful!”

Ted Nugent slams Dee Snider for his controversial comments

Nugent is quite an outspoken figure who is vocal about conspiracy theories. He has refused to take the vaccine, touched upon Snider’s comment during his May 20 YouTube livestream. Nugent also denied seeking a sexual affair with Hillary Clinton. He said the following:

“Dee Snider — a nice guy, I thought. But if you make fun of someone getting sick, you’re not a nice guy, Dee. What happened to you? We always got along. And then you celebrated my sickness. And you don’t know how rotten that is? Why don’t you know how rot… Dee, you’re not a rotten guy.

“Dee, if you have a problem with Ted Nugent, there’s only one person you should discuss that with: Ted Nugent,” he continued. “If I have a problem with Dee Snider, I’m addressing you, Dee; I would like to talk to you.”

“What caused that nasty, nasty hate? ‘Well, you said bad things about [former U.S. secretary of state] Hillary Clinton.’ Because Hillary Clinton destroys everything she touches,” Nugent explained. “She’s a dishonest, tyrannical, oath-violating criminal. That’s not mean; that’s the truth. ‘Well, you said [she should] suck my machine gun.’ Dee, Dee, my friend — have you ever said ‘F.U.’ to someone but not really intentionally pursuing sex with that person? Are you kidding me? Do you think I would ever want her lips anywhere near my firearms? You’re not aware of street terms? You must be. You must be. ‘Cause I understand you’re a good father and a good husband. So why were you such a prick at that moment? I just don’t get it.”